The world to taste is clear Huan Lin Peng Tong Dawei will take care of people-cagliari exchange

"The world to the taste is the Qing Huan" Lin Peng: Tong Dawei will take care of people Tencent entertainment news on August 24th afternoon, panoramic urban love comedy, the world to taste is the Qing Huan held a press conference in Beijing. The play is the gold medal director Chen Mingzhang, "little Daddy" screenwriter Guo Shuang and Feng Yuan teamed up to create, by Tong Dawei, Joe Chen, Lin Peng, Zhu Gang day and starring yao. Aims to use the unique perspective of a group of people of different life experience of the era of self realization and the pursuit of love story. More than ten years of husband and wife together Lin Peng who gets emotional entanglements in the conference is "human to taste" Qinghuan crew to introduce the "pyramid" plot also let the audience feel curious. The three layers of Pyramid represent the background of the times, the relationship between generations and love, but also around the 70,80,90 of the audience of the different ages of the spread of the three. Lin Peng’s stubborn efforts to work on the family heart. In the play, but also have very high requirements of women in the workplace – Lin on the quality of life, with a lot of emotional entanglements with Tong Dawei as America and just as Tang Xiaogang on Yao zhu. For the first time with Tong Dawei cooperation is to hand in hand with more than a dozen couples, the span of the age of Lin Peng is not a small challenge. However, Lin Peng said: "the teacher is a well-known circle of good old man, very careful to the people, but also will take care of people, so it is very pleasant to work together," said Tong Dawei." Lin Peng ranks due to sophisticated cross-border TV production team has been active on the big screen and the fashion of Lin Peng once again cross-border TV ranks, let her fans of the show, the quality is filled with hope. In between movies and TV shows different shooting style and performance practices, also let fans wonder what factors attracted Lin Peng to join the "human" is to taste Qinghuan at the press conference, said Lin Peng was indeed excellent production team and excellent team behind attracted, she also very hope to have the opportunity and like Tong Dawei, such an outstanding actor Joe Chen cooperation. The drama is now drama, drama, long-term occupation of screen stage, we need some more high-quality film and television works to cater to the audience’s appetite. This is about the struggle between the three generations of 70,80,90, struggling to add some comedy elements of the film and television work is bound to get a good response on the occasion of the broadcast.相关的主题文章: