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The woman said gynecological hospital caused by damage to the body   the hospital suggested that medical malpractice — Society — original title: woman said gynecological hospital caused by damage to the body of Li Yi (a pseudonym) recently, she said, because menstruation is not transferred to the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Oriental Hospital, after being "medical care" flicker to a Beijing Jingtan Hospital private hospital, doctors performed transvaginal ultrasound and colposcopy in the lead to the rupture of the hymen. She believes that the existence of dereliction of duty, excessive medical care and other issues, it claims to the hospital. Tan Hospital official denied the existence of the problem of the hospital medical process, parties are advised to do medical malpractice. Said yesterday the hymen rupture caused by the doctor, Li Yi told reporters that she is 22 years old, unmarried, no boyfriend. Recently, due to irregular menstruation, she went to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Oriental hospital. In the hall queuing up, behind a short haired woman active and accosted her, the other that she has irregular menstruation, recommend the hospital to tan her, "she said Tan Hospital treatment of gynecological better, said, put me out of the team." Lee said, she is still hesitant when another woman came to her hair to lobby, "the man said her daughter and I like menstruation, not long ago in the hospital to cure the tan. She also told me that there was a bus to the hospital." In the afternoon, Li Tan came to the hospital, a doctor surnamed Liang admissions. Li said, the doctor asked questions about her last menstrual period and drug allergy history, she is then inferred caused by inflammation or endocrine disorders of menstruation, and arrange the six sex, vaginal ultrasound, colposcopy examination for her. Lee said, in vaginal color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor asked her to take off her pants, she felt very surprised, some hesitation. However, under the urging of the doctor, she is still in accordance with the instructions to take off the pants, followed by the examination, she obviously felt a pain in the lower body, and screamed, the doctor let me relax, and did not stop checking." After the examination, she got the report. Report of diagnosis for cervical capsule and pelvic fluid. Li Yi said, then, Dr. Liang did a colposcopy for her, after the end of the examination, her lower body pain and began to bleed, said dr.." Lee said, according to the checklist bridge doctor diagnosed her with vaginitis, she recommended in the hospital to wash 3 to 5 days, "I don’t feel right, the body is not comfortable, an excuse to leave." Li Yi told reporters, after returning home, she did not alleviate the problem of bleeding. The next day, she came to the General Hospital of PLA (referred to as 301 Hospital) examination, doctors diagnosed the normal pelvic, and she was found to have fresh hymen laceration. Time error report problems with a suspect Lee recalled, in Tan Hospital, she had told the doctor to beam himself in August two menstrual. The doctor did not ask her, whether married reach menarche and sexual life history and other issues. But in this case, the last menstrual period for the record for liangdafu "August 6th", and wrote the menarche time "13 year old" two "life history" and other words. Lee said, "the contents of the medical record and my相关的主题文章: