The wise man asked Martha Lahti, the 2017 president of the

The wise man asked President Martha Lahti 2017 strong peer – 12 appearance +11 update interior upgrades to create a new generation of noble car model – improve 2 performance, the ultimate combination of new efficient power optimization to create the most high speed 310km h 8 electronic technology equipment to enhance the creation of advanced driver assistance system of [2016 in October 27th, the Beijing · countries; conference center eighth Beijing Imported Auto Expo, Zhou Dafu Automotive Group Beijing Jun Dong Martha Lahti started 2017 new Quattroporte sedan in beijing. The new Quattroporte sedan, with exquisite luxury, create top technology, with innovative technology, to provide safe travel to Thatcher, writing a legendary classic, elegant luxury and vibrant, set in a 2017 Quattroporte sedan, a perfect interpretation of the beauty. Zhou Dafu, President of Beijing automotive market manager, Ms. Xu Jin welcomed the speech, and thank you for the long-term concern of the Beijing auto Zhou Dafu. The car by Zhou Dafu Martha Lahti Beijing general manager Ms. Xu Jin Zhou Dafu, Beijing Golden Port Auto Sales Manager Wang Tao, Zhou Dafu Beijing Jinbao Street car sales manager Wang Tong Zhou Dafu, as well as car sales manager of Beijing Wukesong Zheng Lu composed of Zhou Dafu auto Beijing sales Team unveiled 2017 new Quattroporte sedan, and witnessed the debut in Beijing style. Models. At the same time, the event also announced that it will open the CTF car in Beijing district by the end of 2016 Martha Lahti in the Wukesong new sales hall, the hall of the opening of the western city of Beijing will allow customers to experience brought about by Martha Lahti Italian Car Buying enjoy the service, exhibition sales manager Zheng Lu during this festival debut. Zhou Dafu Beijing Martha Lahti training instructor gaoran lady, to visit the site for the guests and media friends to explain the 2017 new president modified models. The new president has a total of more than 30 new upgrade. It is not only the design of the new front, more luxurious exquisite interior, and is more robust than the previous generation performance surging president, and seem to demonstrate all of Italian style sporty and elegant. Design and before President compared the grille and bumper redesign of the powerful momentum appears in the shape of. Electric air shutter new front grille, the air resistance coefficient of the new president of the car is reduced by 10%, reached 0.28, at the same time it is also the only models at the same level of luxury cars equipped with rear diffuser. The new president of the interior, equipped with a new design of the console and the high resolution 8.4 inch multi touch display panel, and equipped with air quality sensor, to create a comfortable experience for your incomparable. In addition, there are GranLusso luxury suits to choose from. Powerful engine is one of the core design of the president of the car, the new president of the car with a 3 liter V6 twin turbo engine, while the GTS version is 8相关的主题文章: