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The weather bureau: winter cold air activity is more or less the number of Haze – Sohu news on 4 November, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Hou Xuejing) 4 reporters from the Chinese Meteorological Bureau, by the La Nina effect, China’s winter cold probability is about 70%, the activity of cold air side, calm weather will less number of haze or less, or will be lighter. The causes and trend of winter haze, National Climate Center Weather Forecast chamber chief expert Wang Yongguang said that since the super El Nino event began in September 2014 at the end of May 2016, the central and eastern equatorial Pacific SST in August October La Nina, the eastern equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature is lower than 0.8 DEG C, is expected in December this year, will form a weak La nina. Affected by this, China’s winter haze or slightly reduced. The central meteorological station recently released in November 2nd 18 when the haze and fog haze yellow warning yellow warning, and on the 3 day, 18 and 4 days 06 when upgraded to orange signal warning, this is the first time this year the Central Meteorological Observatory issued orange signal warning at the same time in the haze, heavy pollution weather 3 days 12 when combined with the Ministry of environmental protection issued since the second half of this year the first phase of Tianjin and the surrounding area. Bureau of meteorology monitoring China, the haze affecting a wide range, in addition to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region outside of South Central Shanxi, Shaanxi Province, southwest of Heilongjiang, Western Liaoning and other places have also been haze weather. The haze occurred in the intermittent period of cold air activity, North China over the circulation of a smaller degree, is not conducive to guide the northern cold air southward." Senior Engineer Zhang Bihui Environmental Meteorological Center, the ground by the lower pressure or weak low pressure field control, North Central is the ground convergence line maintenance, and interaction of Yanshan, Taihang Mountain terrain causing pollutants in the North China plain along the mountain area of accumulation. In addition, Huang Huai North ground areas affected by continued southerly wind effect, conducive to water vapor transport, accelerate the hygroscopic growth of particles, and is conducive to the formation of heavy fog weather. It is reported that the China Meteorological Administration in response to haze, from strengthening business service capabilities, strengthen scientific and technological research and development and deepen cooperation in the sector to establish a long-term mechanism. Focus on the development of meteorological satellite remote sensing and meteorological gradient observation sound, Tianjin and surrounding areas with heavy pollution weather consultation, joint production of products and mechanism of joint release of information. (end)相关的主题文章: