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The tourist season began, Taiwan tourism increasingly out of favor U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time on the evening of 16, from the beginning of September China gradually entered the tourist season. But as a traditional hot tourist destination, Taiwan in the mainland tourists has fallen out of favour. Just as the tourist industry’s peak season is about to start, about 100 thousand tourists from Taiwan took to the streets on Monday to call on the government to improve the situation. China’s tourist season is about to start, from the beginning of the Mid Autumn Festival on Thursday this weekend, from October 1st will be a week long national day holiday. Taiwan Tourism Bureau said Chinese, although this year the number of 1 to July from Taiwan Island tourists increased by 7.9%, the total number of up to 6 million 300 thousand over the same period, but a 8% reduction in the number of mainland tourists team. But the number of tourists from the mainland tourists over the same period increased by 14%. The reduction in the number of visitors to the team is even greater, since these visitors stay longer in different places in Taiwan. Taiwan Travel Association spokesman in the protest said: "even if the number of tourists from South Korea increased by 100%, the number Chinese team, can not make up for the tourists to reduce 5% to 10% loss," Taiwan Committee’s data also shows that the overall decline in the situation of mainland tourists. The agency’s data show that in July alone, the number of tourists from the mainland has decreased by 15%, while the total number of mainland tourists from 1 to July increased by only an increase of about 0.5%. (Zhang Jun) responsible editor: Zhangjun SF065相关的主题文章: