The suspension nail St Hongsheng two years trading restructuring 25 days

"The suspension nail" *ST Hongsheng two years trading recombinant for 25 days *ST Hongsheng type "suspension nails" label, not too much. So far in 2015 and 2016, *ST Hongsheng traded only 25 days. However, during the suspension period is not idle; to promote a number of restructuring, four times more frequent replacement of the subject, has set foot in the communication, education consulting, tourism equipment manufacturing and real estate etc.. In 398 days after the suspension, *ST Hongsheng finally in September 6th this year, the resumption of the reorganization of the draft articles. After several changes in the reorganization of the target lock for Xu Heng home. This is a home to an investment real estate as the main asset of the company, the main revenue is the rental of the property. The restructuring has raised concerns about the exchange. *ST Hongsheng and financial advisers insisted that the inquiry letter in reply to open securities, rental income is stable and sustainable, the continued viability of the listed company will be promoted. Two years of trading 25 days *ST Hongsheng limit regulatory challenges since the beginning of 2015, "the suspension nail" *ST Hongsheng had been suspended for 197 days, in the final for the fifth time when the delayed resumption was rejected shareholders’ meeting and forced to resume trading. But only 11 trading days after the transaction, the company once again suspended. A year later in September 6, 2016, *ST Hongsheng resume trading at a word limit. Just the day before, *ST Hongsheng also suspended for 378 days in continuous record, in Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock suspension of the index second. In the first row is suspended for 398 days and has yet to resume trading Shallum A (000553.SZ). Another label is *ST Hongsheng restructuring specialist". Over the past two years, *ST Hongsheng four changes the restructuring plan and standard; but no final landing, several restructuring program announced the resumption of rose. In the long-term suspension and frequent changes in the process of reorganization, *ST Hongsheng constantly challenge the regulatory bottom line. Due to planning major events, *ST Hongsheng for suspension in January 2015. Next month, the company announced a major issue of non-public offering of shares, intends to raise funds to invest in Nigeria telecom market and related 4G projects. Then, *ST Hongsheng into a long suspension period. In May of that year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a regulatory letter, requiring the company to explain the suspension of the main work so far and the main obstacles. In this reply, the company said the work carried out mainly due diligence, business communication, and stressed that has carried out a number of substantive negotiations. For the reorganization of the obstacles, the company said it was due to the return of the Nigeria presidential election time delay negotiations, the distance is far, visas, etc. also spend a lot of time". However, in the year of the extraordinary general meeting on August, *ST Hongsheng for the fifth time delay resumption of the bill is not passed, the company immediately announced the termination of the scheduled increase. The company said in a subsequent investor briefing, Nigeria 4G, project approval and construction cycle is long, suddenly raise prices led to the project partners need to adjust, can not be completed in the announcement of the suspension time. In August 7, 2015, *ST Hongsheng resume trading; without the slightest impact crash, continuous harvest 7 trading board. But the end of the transaction in August 21st;相关的主题文章: