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The story reversed, the Irish people marched to support the establishment of Apple Data Center – Sohu technology Apple had intended to establish its own new data center in Ireland, but was blocked by local residents appeal. I did not expect only after two weeks, the story took place a big reversal. Last February, Apple introduced a plan to spend 850 million euros to build large data centers in the west coast of Ireland Derrydonnell forest about 500 acres of land, Europe for storing user data, assist to provide online services such as iTunes, App, Store, iMessage, Siri etc.. After repeated coordination and communication, apple eventually won the local planning agency An Bord Pleaná in August this year, La approval. However, local residents Allan Daly and Sinead Fitzpatrick to the high court to submit an application to require the establishment of a data center to prevent apple (and later residents Brian McDonagh also submitted an application against). Source: The Irish Times opponents feel that Apple’s planned construction will destroy the local wildlife living environment, resulting in water quality or other environmental pollution. To submit an application to the court means that the project is facing a crisis of 18 months delay, so Apple urged the court, hoping to deal with the dispute as soon as possible. The Irish High Court conducted a hearing on the matter soon, and agreed to be included in the "list of commercial disputes, namely the case judgment within six months. The thought that apple can only wait for the court trial, but did not expect the local time on November 6th, Athenry center held a parade of more than 2 thousand people, their solidarity support Apple Data Center is established in the local, local residents, but also from the Galway town and the surrounding towns and villages of the people. Photograph: Business Insider marched in support of Apple argued that the project can provide a lot of work in this area, and promote the local economy, this is undoubtedly a boost for Ireland in rural areas. Due to the review process is quite long, local residents are worried that they will lose Apple’s huge investment. To say that apple and Ireland’s "friendship" is really not shallow, in 18300 European staff, there are about 5500 employees working in ireland. At the same time, Apple’s European headquarters in Ireland, the company has committed to recruit 1000 employees in Ireland in 2017. In February 2015, Apple also announced a similar data center in Denmark, at present compared to the smooth progress of the project, under the Irish side of the slow process of the local court, the fastest to wait until next spring to judgment, the Irish data center fate still wavered. Image source: Diario Catol相关的主题文章: