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When the queen of England watch thousands of spanning 300 years – the Sohu in 2013, a royal recruitment watchmaker once famous news: Buckingham Palace to recruit a day to watch the first time, people are as high as 31200 pounds a year. If you consider that the queen has more than 1000 clock, this is no longer an easy job and gold. Symbol of rights and wealth of watches, has been the focus of the Royal collection. Known as the history of the British royal family, watches collection is amazing. From seventeenth Century to today, the world’s top watches have been continuously appearing in the Queen’s palace. Eardly · Norton (Eardley Norton); four disc stars clock eardly · Norton (Eardley Norton) is a British Royal watchmaker, for most of the time spent in London; however, his work has become Chinese across the sea, Royal Tibet clock. This four disc astrological clock in 1765 for king George III, the earliest in the Carlton mansion (Carlton House), is now in the possession of the Windsor Castle. Charles Cressent Charlie · (Charles Cressent) is not only, 17-18 century famous furniture art master, he made the shape of the furniture is also important for the Royal collection. The pendulum by the famous French watchmaker Ferdinand Berthoud making movement. 1765 by King George III, collected in Buckingham Palace, is currently housed in the palace of the Queen’s living room. This group of cabinet bell myth statue ebony, gilt decoration large cabinet bell, is the legend of King George IV and King Charlie ten bet to win the world. 1837 appeared in the Windsor Castle clock collection catalog, made by the Royal clock division Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy new dial. Today, this group of clock placed in the East corridor of the Buckingham Palace East Gallery. Comitti Greenwich Royal coronation anniversary of 60 2012 bell Diamond Jubilee, a Greenwich which joined the Royal collection. This clock by the London Centennial watch family brand Kenmidi comitti. Buckingham Palace for the design inspiration, art innovation are concentrated in the perspective of the skeleton of the whole brass movement. Deadbeat escapement structure shot, temperature compensation pendulum, design of planetary gear unique movement allows the operation of one month. The machine parts all hand polished rhodium plated, silver plated brass bell disc, blue shift.相关的主题文章: