The quantity and quality of maternal and child – improved husband reading sperm Sohu

The quantity and quality of sperm must improve husband – you understand the nature of Sohu maternal sperm sperm it is an important factor in pregnancy, so we on its characteristics should be fully recognized. 1, sperm production time is very long, from birth to maturity requires days. 2, one day, there are moments of sperm production. 3, sperm is not resistant to high temperature, will die at high temperatures. 4, if the long-term use of sperm, sperm accumulation will be aging, death. 5, sperm like alkaline environment, not acid. 6, the effective insemination time is about. 7, the sperm has a tail, tail swing forward. Knowing these features, we know what to do! In order to get pregnant, a healthy and smart baby, we should ask her husband: 1, quit smoking, alcohol. 2, as long as adequate nutrition, her husband once a day ejaculation is also possible. 3, can not wash sauna. 4, not long-term abstinence, mature sperm will be a large number of days over death, the couple first intercourse long-term separation is useless. 5, eat more alkaline food to her husband. 6, the current drug, even if there is an impact is also a matter of the future, because the current use of sperm was produced a month ago. 7, in the same room, should be fully excited, liquid more, sperm forward will be more successful. Husband must improve sperm quality and quantity of sperm produced very harsh conditions of sperm is very small, but it’s very harsh conditions. 1, the need for adequate nutrition. The division of spermatogonia into sperm requires a large amount of nutrients, especially proteins known as "building materials". 2, the need for low temperature environment. The growth of sperm requires that the temperature inside the scrotum is lower than that of the body temperature, while the temperature in the testicle is lower than the body temperature by 0.5 ~ C, otherwise the growth of the sperm will be terminated. 3, need some time. It takes a month to produce sperm. In view of the above conditions, the men must first ensure that enough food to eat every day, to ensure that nutrition, followed by to ensure that the scrotum at a lower temperature. The emphasis here is on a point, ready to have children who do not go to the sauna. The sauna temperature is much higher than body temperature, long time the scrotum is a high temperature environment, can directly kill sperm, leading to infertility. Do not artificially prevent sperm from free competition to do an experiment: let two children from sliding down the slide, a child is healthy, another child legs disease, they reach the ground at exactly the same time. If, in turn, let them climb from the bottom, then the first to reach the top is certainly the healthy child. Sperm is also the case, if the flow of semen from the top down, in the flow below the semen inside, both healthy sperm, but also deformed sperm. If in turn, investigate sperm climb ability, so it must be healthy sperm wins, because only the form is very good and very viable sperm to climb to the top. In order to improve the rate of conception, I generally.相关的主题文章: