The Paris crisis thrilling action Parkour challenge high-altitude

The "Paris crisis" thrilling action Parkour challenge high-altitude exposure Sina entertainment news action movie "Paris crisis" exposure "high deadly track" action fragment and the making of black guy, Alba and Iraqi TTS · "the young wolf" Richard · Madden; the fire fight hutch, personally staged a real version of high-altitude version of Parkour cat and mouse war game. The "Paris crisis" is from "Eden Lake", "black woman" directed by James · directed by Watkins, "Pacific Rim" actor · Alba and Darius Iran; "game of Thrones" "the young wolf" starring Richard · Madden. The main story consists of CIA and cold clever thief partner together to expose and uncovered a conspiracy case story. No substitute for no specific action on real aerial Parkour rooftop chase fragment, · Alba and Richard drese Iran; · Madden jumped down from the roof up, almost across the whole of Paris tiantai. Flush the roof falling, dove backpack, sliding instantly broken roof tiles, every scene is exciting for agonistic sense. Take two men shaking hard running back handheld, let people feel personally on the scene. Richard · Madden’s clever thief to escape Alba’s cold agent chase, fled again on the roof of the drop impact, let a person look at all the pain. And on the other a "high-altitude deadly track" featurette, detailed to show us above the scene of the shooting process, two men fear hanging wire, to hit the glass, jumping, climbing challenge, high-altitude running a series of stunts. This is a good shot confrontation roof chase, the two men in the beginning of the shooting spent a lot of time to train. From running to jumping, from climbing on the roof to sliding down the roof, every action and scene is practiced and simulated. And to experience the true visual and sensory, did not use any special effects and stunt, all the actors himself like a real version of the aerial parkour, even the two stars also express their degree of tension in the process of shooting as a bungee jump. Play blood suck the eye and the making of comparable 007 series can be seen in the "Paris crisis" contains a large number of action scenes, the actors play Pro loaded into battle, experience life style action adventure. From the sky to pursue close combat, tough guy agent Elvin reveals to the kind of meat, smooth and clean fighting style, as well as the unique agent of outstanding ability and persistent belief. Solid visual effects and dazzling action scenes, the film’s suffocating tension reached a climax. Alba and Madden two people broke each other in the making, two people play very quickly, from the beginning of the conflict against to the end of the transition alliance, the collision of a lot of interesting spark. At the same time, the film will be the performance of the two men of the same performance. Therefore, he himself also said: "the wonderful degree of action in this movie, with the 007 and Bourne series.相关的主题文章: