The old man in the grass to pick up abandoned bricks for children to bisexual treatment-coinwatch

The old man in the grass to pick up abandoned bricks in the treatment of primary bisexual title for children: pick up abandoned by doctor removed three bisexual bricks for children in Beijing surgical help good people at the age of 60 workers in Henan had Xifa fan when working in Sanya adopted a bisexual abandoned, for more than three years later, he has to give the child treat the run around here and there. The day before Fan Xifa took the children to Beijing for treatment, I hope that through surgery let children become a normal people continue to live. Seeing the savings spent, he was helpless to ask for help from the newspaper, and hoped that the well intentioned people could give a helping hand. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Morning Post reporter came to the children’s hospital outpatient building. At this time, more than 3 years of age is monitoring the room to do B ultrasound. "We have been in Beijing for half a month, and went to several hospitals, and finally decided to treat it only in the children’s hospital". Fan Xifa recalled to reporters, "on the night of November 15, 2012, I heard a baby crying on the way home from work, and pushed aside the grass on the road, and saw him lying in a cardboard box." Fan Xifa said, at that time, the child wrapped in blankets, the belly is still left umbilical cord. The baby was bisexual, and he came home to find that the child’s genitals had double signs of male and female. "That’s probably why he was abandoned. I have no children. He is my child." Fan Xifa said he was determined to raise his children, and then two jobs a day. "I am also big, cannot take care of him for a lifetime, I just want to take advantage of their own there is breath, give the child enough money for medical treatment, after him like a normal life". Since then, he was taking care of three cities in Hainan, Henan and Beijing. Hope you help, Fan Xifa also told reporters to show the adoption procedures in Henan. "The doctor said the best operation time was 3 years ago, but I didn’t have the financial ability. Now he’s 3 years old, so I’m getting more and more worried. I’m a brick worker, and I can’t make two thousand dollars a month. This time, take the child to Beijing to see a doctor, save twenty thousand yuan money has already spent almost the same. You can’t just watch your child grow up and miss it". The reporter saw, fan Xifa hands full of calluses, pocket plug is change, he told reporters that he even had the street maishen money, but now I only No one shows any interest in, every day to eat one or two Steamed Buns, to save money for children to see a doctor". The doctor told reporters, now the child has finished preliminary examination, also need some preoperative preparation, such as determine chromosome, etc., the cost of surgery at least 200 thousand yuan. I hope good people can save the children." Fan said to reporters helplessly. At present, Xiao Zheng is still in the children’s Hospital for the next step of inspection and treatment. Beijing morning news reporter Zhang Jingya scene 96101 clues: Ma editor: the flourishing SN123

老人草丛中捡来双性弃婴 搬砖凑钱给孩子治疗   原标题:捡来双性弃婴辗转三地看病   靠搬砖给孩子凑钱 进京手术求助好心人   60岁的河南工人樊喜法曾在三亚打工时收养了一个双性弃婴,此后三年多来,他一直为给孩子治病东奔西跑。日前樊喜法又带着孩子来京治疗,希望通过手术让孩子变成一个正常的人继续生活。眼看积蓄花光,他无奈向本报求助,希望有好心人能够施予援手。   草丛里捡到弃婴   昨天下午,北京晨报记者来到儿童医院门诊楼。此时3岁多的小正在监察室内做B超。“我们来北京半个月了,先后去了好几家医院,最后确定只能在儿童医院治疗”。樊喜法向记者回忆,“2012年11月15日晚,我下班回家路上听见有婴儿哭声,扒开路边的草丛,看到他就躺在一个纸箱里。”樊喜法说,当时孩子下身裹着毛毯,肚子上还残留着脐带。   婴孩双性同体   他回家后才发现这个孩子的生殖器具备男性和女性的双重体征。“这可能也是他被遗弃的原因吧。我没有子女,他就是我的孩子。”樊喜法说,他当时就下定决心把孩子养大,之后每天打两份工。“我岁数也大了,不能照顾他一辈子,我就想趁着自己还有一口气,给孩子攒够治病的钱,让他以后能像正常人一样生活”。此后,他带着小正在海南、河南、北京三个城市看病。   希望大家伸援手   樊喜法还向记者出示了在河南办理的领养手续。   “医生说最佳手术时间是3岁以前,可我实在没那个经济能力。现在他已经3岁多,所以我越来越着急啊。我就是一个搬砖工人,一个月也挣不了两千元钱。这次带孩子上北京来看病,攒的两万元钱早就花得差不多了。总不能眼睁睁看着孩子长大,错失良机”。记者看到,樊喜法的手上全是老茧,兜里塞的都是零钱,他告诉记者,自己甚至曾经当街卖肾筹款,无奈无人问津,“我现在每天只吃一两个馒头,就为了省钱给孩子看病”。   医生告诉记者,现在孩子已经做完初步检查,还需要一些术前准备,比如确定染色体等,手术费用至少在20万元左右。“希望好心人能救救孩子。”樊喜法无助地向记者说。目前,小正仍在儿童医院进行下一步的检查治疗。   北京晨报96101现场新闻   记者 张静雅 线索:马先生 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: