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The number of Cai Yingwen grabbed power: Taiwan as "the British Empire" the KMT legislator Lai Shibao questioned Cai Yingwen 13 days now not only decision-making coordination meeting, also set up a "judicial reform committee", the legislative, administrative and judicial grabbed, is in the British empire". (source: Taiwan "electronic newspaper") original title: KMT NUPI Cai Yingwen grabbed power: Taiwan as "the British Empire" China Taiwan network October 14th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Taiwan’s legislative yuan yesterday (13 days) to review the "vice president" judicial nominee qualifications KMT legislator Lai Shibao question, criticism of the leaders of the Taiwan region after Cai Yingwen took power, and grabbed power without responsibility, is tantamount to "British Empire", and asked "vice president" judicial nominee Cai Jiongdun, Cai said: "this is a bit chaotic system". Lai Shibao questioned, Cai Yingwen held a coordination meeting of the decision "grand meeting", "Legislative Yuan" Su Jiaquan can’t go to the office, Cai Yingwen also under the "judicial reform committee", Cai Yingwen even wrote to was sentenced to determine former transport minister Guo Yao Qi expressed dismay, "the old judicial intervention!" Lai Shibao also pointed out that "the president of the judicial nominee Xu Zongli" any dispute, Xu Zong Li3 have their own constitutional interpretation can be said". The results of yesterday and Cai do say no "unconstitutional" no "unconstitutional", "a man of" Yuan "candidate, actually" unconstitutional and not advocated to listen to CAI do." Lai Shibao criticized, administrative and legislative powers are dwarf, "Premier" all gone, Su Jiaquan disappeared, also found an easy to grasp now is Taiwan Xu Zong Li3, "the British Empire system". Cai Jiongdun said that the current framework is "Premier" responsible ", such a system is a bit confusing, I also support the" constitution "to solve these problems, the KMT legislator Lv Yuling also questioned Cai Yingwen after he took office, the office will set up a lot of questions," unconstitutional "danger. The DPP "legislator" Zheng Baoqing also asked what Taiwan is what system? Cai Jiongdun said that some people criticized the right to have no responsibility Cai Yingwen, from a legal point of view, it does have the taste." China Taiwan network Lining) source: China Taiwan network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: