The new Ghost Rider ten dream deserved strong Yiguan realms-footman

The new Ghost Rider ten dream deserved strong three NetEase first Yiguan fantasy online games, "new ghost story" (micro-blog) has organized the first "dream Knight Award" start popular hot, high value, small meat Yan male god actively participated the exhibition talent, called "God quarter qiannv"! I also brought a knight for the first time in the history of talent show: not only sing and dance, a galaxy of talents, the sea sail, Handmade Fried rice with egg, a big show of calligraphy from the talent God is art surprise four, staged a counter attack game circle strongest Indoorsman. After fierce competition and full service game player fair vote, the first ten strong dream knight was born. Ten strong Knight glory deserved the first exclusive realms Yiguan dream Knight contest bursting with popularity, not only to attract a large number Indoorsman competed enthusiastically, full service ten is by virtue of their unique skills and art press pack, the top ten exclusive custom award in the bag. From the Guangling San "server that’s OK with me in" by its unique game commentary and well-known game operation high ticket won the championship, is well deserved; from the love legend of love "Godness." and the life of "a person such as a person." the two little meat with its extraordinary talent and value for Yan the second and third respectively. The other ten contestants each with its to use their unique skills to win the ten strong exclusive rewards, stunning performance. The history of the most handsome fashion custom reward places no limit by the first horse rider ten strong not only by millions of women more sought after game player, the strongest in the history of exclusive custom Awards: popularity ranked the top three not only can obtain the exclusive version of the rare horse — Tianlong Ma, and long aging cool effects title; ten full service can get a variety of handsome fashion and out of print the horse, and Heavenly Treasures edition Hyun loaded edition and other rich rewards; Participation Award is an unlimited amount of payment to meet the conditions of all players can get a handsome fashion, horse. This is not only a special part of the male game player and talent show romantic event, has become a "ghost story" a new interactive platform for welfare feedback, the majority of players and game player is also full of harvest. At this point, the first dream Knight contest ended.相关的主题文章: