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The most new financial situation since the end of 5 investment is a student Yangzi Evening News Network September 22nd news (reporter Xu Xiaofeng) 4 students in the last 3 months the amount of consumption of 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan; students can earn money earlier than boys…… 22, the country’s first Internet financial public elective courses in Colleges and universities in Shanghai very formal lecture, and included in the college credits. Synchronous release of the financial situation of university students big data report shows that the Internet is now one of every 5 investment students. Girls than boys make money earlier analysis of the financial data of Alipay college campus life on display, 4 of the students in the last 3 months, the amount of consumption of 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, the top three big network buy are clothing accessories, 3C digital products, Home Furnishing. If you want to spend money to make money quickly, first of all. The money is still working part-time college students in addition to home living outside the largest source of income, while the boys, girls, who can work more, make sense? According to the big data statistics, the proportion of men and women were 41:59, overall, women make money consciousness awakening earlier. So what are the most popular part-time jobs? Data show that in the last 3 months, Russia imported food tasting promotion, steam eye derivative agent, leaflets distributed, decorative painting color, cake shop became the first 5 students part-time work choices. 5 investment of 1 students is prior to the release of the "Chinese youth financial knowledge and behavior survey report" shows that the current 90 students there are 4 aspects of financial characteristics: obvious misunderstanding financial concept; consumer society and consumer misplannings coexist; financial awareness and financial literacy lack of blooming; Internet banking acceptance is high but the risk of low ability. The survey data also found that about 70% of college students have a strong desire to improve their wealth management skills, and after 90 and 80 have become the backbone of the Internet banking crowd. Especially after 90 users, the rapid rise of student groups, 18-22 years of high school students and college students accounted for nearly 20% users. Each of the 5 Internet banking users there are 1 students. Editor: Qiao Jinling相关的主题文章: