The international oil price goofy Zaizhan $50 — energy —

The international oil price "goofy"     Zaizhan $50 — energy — international oil prices benefited from the "limited production" agreement, 7 consecutive days red rise, again to $50, the cumulative increase since the end of 9 since 14.5%, institutions are watching the producers in October the results of the meeting. Eleven long before the OPEC agreement reached a preliminary (based on limiting the production of OPEC output in August on the 796 thousand barrels a day, will produce a limit of 32 million 500 thousand ~3300 million barrels a day interval), boost the rebound in oil prices, since the end of September last week, rose 7 consecutive trading days, the New York crude oil prices since June in Britain from Europe "since the intraday topped $50 a barrel on Saturday, closing at $49.55 a barrel position. Fundamentals of mixed. OPEC and non OPEC oil producers plan to hold an informal meeting in Turkey on October 8~13 to discuss the implementation of the Algiers agreement. Market institutions have been able to really implement the agreement of the OPEC doubts. Although Russia said OPEC will reach an agreement after the freeze, but Russia’s oil production is also high. As a result, OPEC and non OPEC producers will still produce oil at a record level of production before the details are introduced. Once a new round of negotiations fail, the production will be shelved, international oil prices will be a huge blow. From the technical side figure, international oil prices between $40~50 have gone back and forth five, now once again reached the critical resistance of long and short game $50, to break through, the need of power is very large, but once the breakthrough, a strong resistance level of up to $60 from $50 and 20% the higher space. Chen Zhihao oil analyst of the Guangdong gold deposit that: if the "limiting" agreement reached smoothly, international oil prices may have up to $60 this year to break the interval concussion. But if it can not be reached, then no doubt fall back to $40. (reporter Jing Nan) (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: