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Trump "counterattack" internal logic of Zhang Guoqing’s commentary authors a few days ago is still micro-blog sigh, how American election more and more like a British exit? The results of yesterday’s election, it is really a copy of the British referendum in Europe, the mood is still elite Hilary, but lost to the grassroots and the middle class to support the Trump. It is a big winner, but there is an inherent logic. For the heart prevailed over the past century by the American election, there is an inherent logic is: if the ruling party in the economic and political aspects outstanding achievements, the candidates in the general election will be in the upper hand, "Aiwujiwu" psychological guidance, people tend to continue to choose the ruling party candidate. The little Roosevelt presidential re-election when the statement is "a, why should the ship"? But the problem is that the weak U.S. economic recovery in the Obama years, but because the domestic universal health care reform and immigration into the split condition, if Obama for reelection, people barely considered to give Obama a chance to Hilary here, people’s patience ran out, many people think: the change of personal try. This is certainly good for the opposition candidate. In fact, Trump did win key votes in many swing states, this shows that, at the moment, many of the original swing voters gave up to continue to trust the Democratic Party, but the choice of "change" or "horses". The Trump team before the election is focused on the change brand, it does play a role. In contrast, Hilary more, or to the people to the "Obama line" impression, and successfully labeled the elite class representative of the label, which will inevitably lead to lower middle class public resentment and doubts, after all, the gap between rich and poor in the United States, the general public holding more votes. A few years ago, "occupy Wall Street" campaign, the slogan is not "99% of the people and the struggle for the rich of the 1%"? In this sense, a Trump counter attack is the key, is a positive vote grassroots and middle class or behind. Prior to this, although the pro Hilary media poll lead Hilary dominated, but on Twitter and social media, Trump is a big advantage, has explained the problem. Then, based on this logic, Trump won the elite class and its control of the media an unexpected victory, but also the average American victory, they finally let the powerful and the vested interest group a heart. After Trump took office, apparently in response to the support of the people to change the United States, and strive to achieve its "revitalize the American" commitment, therefore, in the domestic and foreign policies will be more pragmatic, which will also influence the contraction of foreign policy line, close to the "isolationism" tradition, reduce foreign interference, and that of China peripheral security the East China Sea and the South China Sea, especially still very important. The family guard forces "Americans have embraced the first African American president, Obama, now the psychologically ready to accept the first female president for Hilary this is a historic opportunity (considering her age and physical condition, the election should be her last chance) also, like a lot of people]相关的主题文章: