The girl was missing notice of the university students and parents picked up after the break (video)-ssport

The girl was missing notice of the university students and parents picked up after tearing up the torn cover letter reporter Gu Wumin Li Mengmengwen figure Washington Qixian County college entrance examination students Wenwen encounter strange thing, she went to the school to turn the group relations, accidentally notices, files and other information left in the bicycle basket, it is absent, after viewing surveillance the video is found: classmate Wang’s mother will file bag picked up, remove and tear thrown on the roadside bushes. In August 29th, Wen Wen’s parents said: don’t understand Wang name published, they are just college kids, don’t let them leave the shadow. The event, network transmission of strange experience, the mysterious disappearance of admission to the University recently, a Hebi Qixian County high school graduates QQ talk is an odd thing shuabing. "I am the 2013 high school students, is about to enter university, August 22nd group relations in the school, will be parked in front of the office building, who knows the car fell on the ground, things fall out from the basket, is the same class a student parents picked up the accounts, admission notice, loan certificate all torn, throw in the grass……" "School soon, who picked up this important data will be returned, it was really bad." Dahe reporter saw the torn letter students Wenwen (a pseudonym) mother, her indignation. "The daughter of the notice and the file is missing, the 23 day I communicate with the school and obtain a surveillance." She said that in monitoring, 8:48, daughter lost information was picked up by a woman. Follow the parents of the footprint, they found the admission notice and the account of this head cover information in a grass, but they have never been heard of since admission notice text. The son of Wang tore the notice and Wenwen is a schoolmate, were admitted to the university. The early morning of August 24th, Wen Wen to the Wang family, demanded the return of the notice. More than 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Wang’s mother suddenly rushed to the school, was caught from the waist Wenwen mother, found torn the admission notice and loan certificate. Then the reporter to understand the situation of the Wang family, Wang’s mother admitted everything. According to her story, the same day the weather was very hot, the king of the children of a work in the field, for the children to go to school for her mission, but can not find the name of the child, a little impatient, with a pick up data in the shade when his fan, to the children call dad had words. In the morning to eat some medicine, confused, an angry will pick up the material torn, throw in the flowers. "I don’t read, is a village woman, just remember it’s a red skin, pink paper, when Wenwen only to come to this thing. Do not know what to do to find out quickly, do not give other people what consequences." She said. View, is not whether it is illegal to see Public opinions are divergent., causing much loss after the event, Wen Wen home as soon as possible to piece together the admission notice. They consult the school, the other answer as long as you can see the notice does not affect the enrollment. Wenwen mother said this five mixed, then they are said to reporters, as long as their children into the school is not affected, also do not want to pursue other responsibilities. Event triggered netizens opinions. Some people think that children stand相关的主题文章: