The forty-seventh army commander Zhang Lianyi was transferred to the Liaoning provincial military co-aptana studio

The forty-seventh army commander Zhang Lianyi was transferred to the Liaoning provincial military commander – Sohu news according to "learn from Lei Feng" WeChat public disclosure, September 18th, Liaoning Province, "do not forget the 918 hit the alarm bell ceremony held in the" 918 "square as residual monument calendar. Reports mentioned, vice premier of the State Council member of the Politburo, Liu Yandong, Zhang Baowen, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Chen Xiaoguang, director of the Central Military Commission, the military and Political Department Zhang Yang, deputy commander of the northern theater of Wang Changjiang, Liaoning Province military district commander Zhang Lianyi, political commissar of the king of the frontier, and the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of foreign affairs and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League the leading comrades in the three northeastern provinces and Shenyang city leaders, veteran of the Anti Japanese war in Liaoning and on behalf of the old comrades, on behalf of the families of martyrs, people from all walks of life, workers, students, military representatives of more than 1 thousand people attended the ceremony. The military media reports, Lianyi a former forty-seventh army commander has replaced Zhou Hanjiang as military commander of Liaoning province. Zhang Lianyi reports, Zhang Lianyi served as a division of the Xinjiang military region commander, in 2009 forty-seventh Army Deputy Commander of the army, in 2013 forty-seventh group army commander, major general. The 47 army is currently attached to the Western Theater army headquarters, Shaanxi Xi’an station. Previously served as the Liaoning provincial military commander is major general Zhou Hanjiang. The 60 year old Zhou Hanjiang (Sichuan), Deyang (), graduated from the military command of National Defense University. Zhou Hanjiang or the Twelfth National People’s congress. In July 25th this year, Zhou Hanjiang also worked in the Liaoning provincial military commander who attended the Liaoning province conscription television and telephone conference.相关的主题文章: