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The first MTR station and the airport line "0 meters" feeder – Hubei Channel – original title: the first MTR station and the airport line "0 meters" with reporter Tao Changning Tang Jie correspondent Liu Dandan Yuan Yonghua yesterday morning, reporters once again visited the airport subway line, from Jinyintan station to Tianhe Airport Station in 27 minutes, along the way each site preparation work is everything in good order and well arranged in. In addition to the airport, which is an important traffic function, this line is also the first real sense of Wuhan subway superstructure project, and evergreen city station is almost 0 meters feeder. Downstairs is the subway station to go out, to get on the bus, just 6 minutes, the first stop is evergreen station, the appearance of an orange red and dark gray buildings. Different from other stations, it is on the ground floor of the station, the platform in the ground floor, 5.2 meters high. General Zhao Qiang tiesiyuan airport line design, the station A exit on the north side of the "subway era? Evergreen city" project. This is the city’s first through the trick to get the program to get the land cover property projects, said Liu Jiusi, deputy director of planning and Design Department of Wuhan Metro real estate joint real estate co.. Subway cover property, as the name suggests, is just above the subway. Due to the large volume of demand, the general choice of vehicle segment. Metro era evergreen city on the 2 line is just over the green section of the car, the overall volume of residential area of 524 thousand m2, next to the East and west sides of the subway station also reserved a commercial space of M2 of 40 thousand. "Because the following is the vehicle segment, the house is more than 6 meters," said Liu Jiusi. To this end, also built a 16 meters wide, a long corridor of 20 meters for residents. A community gate, is the subway station, almost 0 meters feeder." It is understood that the project a total of 4600, divided into three phases, the first phase of the development is currently 1600. Liu Jiusi calculated for a while, from the subway station on the first floor of the first floor of the owners go out of the house, from the door to the subway, just 6 minutes to go to the door of the. Although in the vicinity of the third ring, but the subway, to Jianghan Road only half an hour. MTR superstructure property, seamless with the subway station, maximizing the convenience of the subway line to play a great significance. At the same time, increase the use of land, a piece of land has a dual role. It is reported that in the future Huangjiahu depot, Sanjintan depot, and Wuhan Metro Lake Town, will cover property projects on the subway. Metro Line 2 extension line Song Gang station. Reporter Zhan Song photo airport line "upgrade" secret crystal crane station around the column "fly" 14 meters platform for airport passenger third times yesterday, reporters came to the Tianhe Airport Station, feeling a beauty. Consists of 580 large lamps Carved Crystal Crane "crane fly dance" has been installed, the platform at each end of a group, with light, hovering in the columns, vivid. Beijing Urban Construction Institute, the relevant design staff, the station can be seen flying element". In terms of humanization design, taking into account the passengers carrying luggage very much, the platform is designed to 14 meters wide, leading to the T3 terminal of the B export 4 hand elevator design. Same station)相关的主题文章: