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The fear of gossip girl power turned red lips control every girl should have a big red lead: women are fond of red lips, every girl should have a big red lipstick! As the topic of the queen Yang Mi perennial occupy a hot search list, but this is nothing but because of her husband. The fear of gossip behind her husband, girl power slowly turned "aura lips" control, to know the inner and outer equally powerful women more attractive. (@mimimi_) Yang Mi is not afraid of gossip behind Hawick Lau turned "aura lip control" recently, by Hawick Lau and Wang Ou on the "luminous" script events of the scraper, the two sides continue to deny even brokers also issued a statement, but still did not eat melon people let things go past meaning. But no matter how big the Wuli tattle and prate, Mimi said "unconditional trust Liu Kaiwei." Yang Mi Hawick Lau: Yang Mi behind some friends called family others, outsiders are not…" Still, some netizens said "look deep into the drama of my power to respond more sad, distressed power power!". Then, put a so beautiful young wife do not ache, and Kung Fu "unfaithful to husband"? Yang Mi lips though Yang Mi is a small glutinous rice a hot mom, but has been a "girl" claimed that the tender to no friends. But do not know if you do not find that, recently, Yang Mi style mutation, lips from the hand, whether it is life or private according to airport Street "lips" appearance rate high to people can not be ignored! But the myriads of changes "red" is beautiful, each one has its own merits. The private photos of Yang Mi in the red power private photos of Yang Mi private photos have self red lips, white edge! And friends will not open lips blessing, beauty mode, airport in Da Mei ~ Yang Mi with vermilion and vermilion power when it comes to the airport airport style, but I recently quite spell power! Every other body prepares quite heart, but one thing is the same, that is: lips! Red lips! Red lips! Look carefully in order to match different shapes, red is also a subtle difference. If this group of "red power airport" is bright and beautiful, so this group of "airport power" is more partial aunt color: Yang Mi and red lips and dark red hue airport although difficult to manage, but apparently more deterrent. Every girl should have a red lipstick! Every woman has a red color, because it can always awaken your desire for beauty. Just like in the movie the amazing time actress who, the most classic is always that touch of lips. The classic red lips no boyfriend very miserably? NO. A woman’s dresser without a classic red lips, it is a sad. Christian Dior Diorific lipstick #999 Christian Dior Diorific lipstick #999 $320 Christian Dior Diorific lipstick #999 said red lips, first line must be "stock king" Dior Rouge #999! This lipstick is divided into Matte version and Satin version. Matte version of the #999 a little bit?相关的主题文章: