The drunken dragon imitates the scent of bees to attract pollinators-ssdao

The smell of a dead bee may not be as attractive as an imitation of a bee’s odor, but a new study suggests that a plant will use it to trap a clever trap. About 5% of the plants use deceptive strategies to attract pollinators, including a mutant flower that looks like a female bee to attract hot male pollinators. However, the plant looks out of the ordinary parachute – drunk dragon will enhance this ability to a higher level. It will affect the Xiao barnyard stem fly is a female flies behavior. This is the secretion of carnivorous plants trapped flies edible bees slurry. Through the use of mixtures of 4 compounds, the drunken dragon can imitate the worker trying to release from the bite of self-defense scent glands. The researchers published in the days before the "Current Biology" magazine reported on the discovery. Then, Xiao barnyard stem fly flies were belong to drunk dragon flowers attract, and eventually pollen parcels of this plant. However, the drunken dragon will allow them to escape, and it will be another drunk Dragon Flower trick. In this way, the flies finish pollination. The cycle of life and deception continues. The experiment found that insects also have the ability to learn and spread knowledge相关的主题文章: