The clerk with the boss to send their own phone 309 red envelopes up to more than 60 thousand yuan-reshacker

The clerk with a mobile phone to their boss issued 309 envelopes up to 60 thousand yuan recently, Changshu clerk Liu through mobile phone red shop theft 60 thousand yuan, the boss found out and was eventually seized and turned over to the public security organs. In October last year, the boss Lee accidentally opened his own red envelopes, found that there is a red envelope to send the message, he felt very strange, only to pay their own password to know, who are these red hair? Open a look, Lee shaleyan, in May last year to October of the same year, the store public account issued a total of 309 red envelopes, the amount of up to 60 thousand yuan, the red envelope is a person, that person is his clerk liu. Lee immediately found Liu questioned, Liu also pleaded guilty, and asked Lee not to alarm, stealing money can be deducted from their wages, see Lee Liu admit a good attitude is no alarm. However, Lee did not think that their tolerance but connived with Ryu, Lee in October this year, Restroom in warehouse found a single sales, but they did not receive this money, Lee finally through customer remittance screenshots found Liu and stealing money from the shop. Let Ryu without the customer payment transfer to your Alipay account, a total of 13 times, 18000 yuan. Although Liu will soon be the rest of the arrears and the money stolen this year all transferred to Lee, but this time, Lee felt unable to forgive Ryu, he chose the alarm. According to Liu explained that the shop has a public mobile phone dedicated to the collection, to the guests the money transfer to the mobile phone in the public account, Liu boss Lee by virtue of their familiar, guessed the public account payment password. Because each time the amount of red packets can not be more than 200 yuan, so it is difficult to find a public account on weekdays Lee less money.相关的主题文章: