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The cinema is struggling to piece of art in other countries? – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 7th news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that in May this year, producer Fang Li is a famous director Wu Tianming’s "bainiaozhaofeng" to kneel down and kowtow to improve theater row piece rate of the incident has aroused public opinion to create a great sensation, the survival status of tablets attention. And now, the discussion on the living space of the film and television has become a topic in the eleven golden week. It was noted that part of cinema dedicated art theater, appeared in the mainland. However, the "low profit or even zero profit", "lack of new sources" become their business problems. From Wang Xiaoshuai wrote called "this is the worst movie era" to "bainiaozhaofeng" director Fang kneel, as is not to the cinema row sheets space. The film director staged affliction drama out of anger, or seek sympathy and concern and row piece rate, the It is often seen. The film loving feelings, money management dilemma, how to take a good way of movie art cinema? Let’s listen to what the source CNR reporters reported: in China film market for the impact of the 60 billion mark of the year eager for a fight, the release of "Yangtze River map" first day box office is only 200 thousand, "total box office" but also about 6000000 roadside picnic. On the surface, the row piece rate decision in the cinema. But the essence is still dominated by the market on tablets. Fare 120 yuan 3D film and $50 film and television, the profit is high or low, self-evident. Broadway Studios is one of the earliest dedicated art cinema theater, about operating theater, on Broadway in Beijing movies and Promotion Manager Yang Yang said, they came up with in a row when the occasional blockbuster "Nurturing" art film practice. Even if the domestic people are willing to invest in the cinema, will be trapped in the source — domestic and foreign sources scarce, limited sources. In the United States, France and other film industry is relatively developed countries, the film is also embarrassing situation. But the relatively mature mechanism and nurturing measures, plus special art theater, so this kind of film is still a living space in the market. France is the first to bear the brunt. Living in France, Wei Weiqiong said, the local film French movie market is the basic literary route, art films for the French people, seems to be long in his bones. Even China’s literary and artistic films will have a large audience in france. Literature and art films in France can have relatively calm living space, and the support of national policy can not be separated. Wei Weiqiong introduction, the French art films and documentaries have been a market, in addition to the audience like, the country’s policy support has played a very important role. The French national film center requires every cinema in the time arrangement of film screenings, film types should follow the principle of diversification, the average distribution of daily screenings, set aside the way to extend movie art films, movies, documentaries and other local small cost necessary auditoriums and screenings. All the theaters are local movie schedule. In addition, these commercial theaters until now, France still has many independent art and theater, the audience.相关的主题文章: