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The Chinese girl chest value at the bottom? This practice 5 minutes have a large chest you find me! Lead: Google Target Map recently released a map of the world average women’s breast size, very sad to tell you that my big China ranked last… But the girls! Is this even? This thing is not finished, in order not to take off the motherland hind legs, we practice together! (source: bazaar) from the chest is not difficult to see the value map "our opponents are very strong! Let ‘sister to the Target Map you look at science Google, red represents more than D cup, orange D, yellow C, blue B, while green was A, the Russian land was all red cover, on behalf of the female breast is greater than the mean D cup, I can China is a "full of vigour"… In fact, foreign sister chest big thing, we all admit that a Scarlett is enough to kill a little girl on the floor of the. And they are a bully we are not enough, but also a group of children to show off! The development of this little girl is too good little girl 18 years old, every day in the chest ins Air China, but you do not forget, there are people in china! I also in China Fan Bingbing, Liu Yan for us with salt! We have the beauty of breast of fan ye! White skin better. There are industry representatives Zhi Ling breast beautiful sister, sister of the lotus flower in the pattern of temptation, definitely not big breast! In addition to the above two, we are the world "chest" is Liu Yan’s sister, if the woman did not want to drag the hind legs, then don’t delay time, 5 minutes of "breast" exercise can make up the lower lip not long chest 5 minutes let you "pretty"! First minutes: flat support, and then cross the palm of your hands to support the entire body, this exercise can be a good exercise to the upper body muscles and chest. Second minutes: lying on the mat, his hands holding a dumbbell, palm relative to dumbbell press to the highest position, elbows slightly bent down to lift, which can fully exercise chest muscle, triceps, deltoid toe, is effective for the action of the four act. Third minutes: the body lying down, his hands clenched dumbbell shoulders open, head and scapula to a yoga mat, keep the chest muscles and lift your feet together and lift. Fourth minutes: start in pushup position, put one hand in front of body position while the other hand is placed in the normal position, and one arm is not hard, using the other arm forces the body downward pressure. Swap your hands again and repeat the same action. Fifth minutes: legs open and shoulder width, upper body leaning forward 45 degrees, suction elbow to both sides of the lifting arm, this movement can exercise the chest muscles. But this movement is to persevere in order to see results, effective immediately girl, don’t worry, it is here with 2 tips to larger chest MM a grooming than to be able to fix breast not immediate breast surgery in the plan, do not have a fire ditch? Draw it out! Recommend!相关的主题文章: