The Chinese Academy of Sciences 13th Five-Year plan released brewing a major breakthrough in

The Chinese Academy of Sciences "13th Five-Year" plan released   brewing a major breakthrough in 60 science and technology — August 31 Beijing Xinhua   (Zhao Zhuqing) this afternoon, Chinese academy held a press conference in Beijing, released Chinese "Academy of Sciences" 13th Five-Year "development plan outline", around eight innovation put forward 60 major the breakthrough is expected to achieve leapfrog development. The press conference, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dean Bai Chunli introduced the "13th Five-Year" period of reform and innovation and development of the guiding ideology, main objectives, key tasks and important initiatives. Bai Chunli said, "the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 13th Five-Year" development plan is the first action plan fully deployed in the "13th Five-Year" period of the objectives and tasks of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2030 years to the full realization of "lay a solid foundation for the first four goals, and to our country to build an innovative country and building a powerful nation of world science and technology play a leading role. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences "13th Five-Year" development plan, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Based on interdisciplinary cooperation, advanced materials, energy, life and health, marine ecological environment, resources, information, space and other eight photoelectric innovation, concise put forward the future development of new advantages of 60 major process is expected to achieve leapfrog development and breaking 80 shaping cultivate direction. Strive to seize the commanding heights of the international strategy to compete in some areas. In the 60 major breakthroughs in the field of life and health accounted for 17, the total number of up to. Subdivided into health, biodiversity and modern agriculture in three directions, the health direction dominates, contains the brain science and the study of brain intelligence, structure, function and regulation of large molecular complex biological and molecular regulation of cell fate, pathogenic microorganism and host immunity, personalized medicine, molecular classification of disease the inclusion of new drug research and development based on organ repair and reconstruction, biosynthesis, health protection technology and equipment 8. Bai Chunli said that this is following the 12th Five-Year period of stem cells to repair the endometrium, spinal cord regeneration and other major breakthroughs, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of health and life in the future layout. In the field of ecological environment resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the deployment of 11 major breakthrough, the total number of more than and 2. The ecological environment in 8 directions, including chase because of atmospheric haze and water pollution control, typical regional comprehensive control technology are closely related with people’s lives. Planning mentioned, to 2020, Chinese Academy of Sciences to build world-class research institutions important influence, attraction and competitiveness, most of which are world class research institutions and research institutions and run around 1/3 academy research institutions in the field at the international leading position advantage. Built a number of distinctive academic features and influence on the World Centre for scientific research and innovation in some of the advantages of highland areas, has become a symbol of China’s science and technology across the development and construction of an innovative country of. At the same time, pull the hair from a large international science and technology program, actively participate in global innovation management. Bai Chunli said, "13th Five-Year" period, the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be based on the comprehensive deepening reform, focus on the Institute of classification reform, talent development system reform, resource allocation system reform, scientific evaluation system reform in six aspects of the reform initiatives. In addition, "13th Five-Year")相关的主题文章: