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The chin is still variable fingertips weapon users homemade "Handsome", "Handsome", Manicure animated television adaptation of role-playing games, animation by the original game team is responsible for the production of "desire full rot". The animation has been broadcast in a few words, although only a short instant noodles fan, but with a bunch of awl face red net protagonist has gained high popularity. Recently, users actually made "Handsome", the Manicure, together we go and have a look. "Handsome", the animation of the male protagonist is wonderful long awl face red net ", they in school only care about how to catch up with the actor. This new rot a really elegant mine down a lot of friends. Recently, a netizen "Handsome" by the Academy of stimulation, made a set of the Manicure Gakuen boys. So sharp nails (Chin) really do not poke yourself? Is a stealth weapon ah! We will take a look at the views of netizens. "Crazy ah!" "The original style, this is not wrong." "I always thought it was a low – rated version of the miracle generation." "This is a super fit!" "Handsome", "the height reduction wonderful style." The brain hole is big." "To restore the height of the awl face with guys, fingernails, praise!" "This 6 to fly!" "I never thought of such a technique." "This can have." "Designed to Manicure you what to." "In the middle of the night, I laughed." "Almost 10 Fen, send you a capital ‘service’!" "I’ll do it when I keep my fingernails." "Handsome," describes the full personality of the characters and character of friendship, love, love, entanglement. Private Rose Gate high school is the county’s top strength and pride of the men’s school. Transfer to where the protagonist, and many of the guy who met. Go to school, see is "handsome", such as teachers, the football team captain, Shi Geqi unique again met childhood playmate etc.. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: