The boy put the poison into wine cup when the mother Wine mistakenly drank in Beijing plustek

The boy put the poison into wine cup when the mother Wine mistakenly drank – Beijing put rodenticide when Wine poured into the mother glass! This time, bear children play big! In the 3 year old boy strong (a pseudonym) in the eyes, the mother of the wine cup purple liquid, must be a good thing. 22 PM, Banan District, the town of spring at the age of 3 strong at home to play, accidentally discovered a similar color of liquid, red, like a wine as beautiful, powerful to pour it into the mother’s glass. Unfortunately, this bottle of 6 ml of red liquid was "rodenticide", was also the mother as Wine drank! Fright! Wine was rodenticide yesterday, mother Wang Dan strong (a pseudonym) is still lying in the emergency center of Gastroenterology bed. Chongqing morning news reporter to mention the breathtaking experience, she is still scared. Wang Dan said that the incident occurred in the evening of 22, she came home from work, the family sitting together to eat dinner. Wang Dan has a habit of drinking Wine, she likes to drink brewed Wine, see the table glass left, drank it. "That’s not a problem! I think it’s a little weird." Until Wang Dan inadvertently found that plastic hose lying there in a corner of the room has been opened, Wang Dan was scared out in a cold sweat: hose filled with rodenticide! This potion is she bought two years ago to forget the killing. Originally a complete, there are 6 ml, but now the hose is open, leaving only a little red liquid. Risk! Rodenticide was poured into the cup Wine rodenticide where to go? Wang Dan thought of his son for the first time. Son drank the same cold water bottle packaging, if the child was drinking, the consequences can not imagine." After questioning, Wang Dan finally found the answer. Wang Dan husband and wife to work, the family left her grandmother with a child. While grandma busy housework, 3 years old, I do not know how to find hidden in the corner of the cabinet red hose. The hose is "poison red liquid, he may think that this is Wine curious!" Wang Dan said, then, the powerful opened the hose, and then poured into the liquid inside the wine is also equipped with a cup. Subsequently, Wang Dan was sent to the nearest hospital in Huaxi. Fear! Rodenticide poisoning will also endanger the life in the hospital on the way to Huaxi, Wang Dan had toxic reactions, nausea, vomiting, she began a few times. Doctor Wang Dan rushed for gastric lavage, found cases of stomach bleeding. 23 am, Wang Dan transferred to the city emergency center. The emergency center physician digestion, transferred to the hospital, Wang Dan was diagnosed with Acute Rodenticide Poisoning, acute gastric mucosal lesions with hemorrhagic disease. The inspection results were also detected in rodenticide bromadiolone mother liquor. "Do not underestimate rodenticide." The doctor said that the mother liquor is a kind of Bromadiolone anticoagulant rodenticide deratization, principle is to interfere with the synthesis of prothrombin, disruption of normal blood coagulation mechanism and increased bleeding tendency. Once the poisoning, may cause systemic multiple organ bleeding and other symptoms, serious people will endanger life. Currently, doctors take vitamin K treatment, Wang Dan vital signs stable. Newspaper reporter Gu Xiaoduo相关的主题文章: