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[the best] than the scenery Temptation — Qiandao Lake Museum grandma Wan fish head soup to eat and drink from the previous year – Sohu early winter often go to Qiandao Lake, the beginning of the reason is to avoid haze, in recent years Hangzhou’s increasingly heavy haze, remember last December Hangzhou haze burst table PM2.5 straight Biao more than 300 of the time, the heart is fear, when surrounding a search, the Qiandao Lake is actually a non red warning area, only PM2.5 only 68. So before we always want to go to Qiandao Lake, sometimes really want to go through the weekend…… But now, but also because the hungry for worship…… The general also began to half a year now, the frequency is higher, basically every quarter to go to Hangzhou, not to drive in the past two hours, the town of Lake picturesque scenery, the hotel has a lot of lake view room. But now the town of Lake tourism facilities are becoming more and more perfect, then held the international marathon, has been riding around the lane, Hangzhou residents can borrow public bicycles with open electronic wallet citizen card, Qiandao Lake public bicycle has two kinds, one is with us like Hangzhou, there is a mountain bike, rental and leasing is the same, the difference is that the public bicycle to the evening all bus from public bike rental point, only during the day to rent a car in front of the Qiandao Lake, the hotel had. We went to Qiandao Lake is a lake house in there, then go to eat to eat, the town of lake is a natural lake scenic area, a circle in Xiushui square as the center has a great area of the Lakeside Park for a walk, take a look at the scenery, or rent a bike riding it, or find a tea cup of tea to the point of the meal to eat, eat, relaxing. The museum is now a grandmother Bay fish to our designated restaurant Qiandao Lake play, is the boss and the boss will do business, the first time to leave a good impression on us, and he cooks very much, the fish head soup is burning out with water is milk white fish absolutely do not use cream soup, etc. any additives, which we feel great! Qiandao Lake organic fish head soup, every time the meal will point, this soup is fresh thick possessed delicious, more and more high frequency to Qiandao Lake, the fish head soup factors accounted for a great temptation. Grandma Wan Fish Museum dish is the grandmother’s taste, this Braised Pork Trotter with Soya Sauce pure Sulan, with various seasonings to burn out, while hot to eat skin Q play smooth, special flavor, full of collagen tube wa ~ Qiandao Lake here is called the Alectoris chukar partridge, method of cooking looked a little Chili oil fiercely hot look, actually is not very hot, chukars meat is fresh, taste a little more than the bullfrog tenacity. Sizzling garlic shrimp, is very unique, cuisine hardcore, opened the back of the shrimp meat into concentrated cool garlic flavor. Chicken soup pot, natural color Qing Liang, stewed chicken has not fire Hou, Sulan, salty flavor. Steamed mandarin fish, mandarin fish is not think this looks not singly, it is because it is 1000 y相关的主题文章: