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The Artist Awards misdeeds restricted administration will put God drama drama Thunder – such as "Yi Zhuan" entertainment Sohu Wallace Huo Xun Zhou paid a total of 150 million ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Cao Feng SARFT to star paycheck skyrocketing phenomenon, put forward clearly to resolutely curb. Star TV drama paycheck hundreds of millions of the phenomenon is expected to change! The State Administration of press and publication in the Party Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website recently publicized a "Chinese Communist Party State Press and Publication Administration on patrol rectification briefing informed", clearly, resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off their wealth, pay close attention to the development of resistance to "price" paid industry self-discipline. After the notification issued, quickly lead to concern and the formation of a topic in the past few days. Many insiders have said that the price paid, does the pipe! The phenomenon of star paycheck up crazy with the rapid development of the film industry, the rapid growth of the market, has also become a rising actors so many film and television production companies to bear problems. As early as 2010, Nanjing had complained to the express reporter producer, producer of a drama as their popularity after the achievements of the actor, but to wait for the next one. And then invite the actor, paid up four or five times, a drama spending should have a half to the actor. In recent years, with the influx of capital into the film and television market, the production cost of film and television drama often break through the ceiling. However, according to sources in the circle, the drama fee expenditure, 23 gave the actor. If a few years ago an actor’s paycheck tens of millions is incredible, it is perfectly normal. Staggering is that it was August 26th, CCTV news channel on domestic actors paid work reports and criticized. Which referred to as "Yi Zhuan" male and female paid a total of 150 million yuan! The film circle of several popular niche paycheck hundreds of play 80 million to 120 million, resulting in serious crew production funds are occupied, screenwriter dubbing staff remuneration is very low. Such a vicious spiral, lead to film and television drama story more and more ugly, no money field framing. This argument is not alarmist, a producer told reporters, because the actor costs too high, only to save money in other ways, as part of their production from the script according to the plot field view, no way can only enter the studio, the broadcast television, the false background became the target of the Crusade users. The reason of many factors make the star star loopholes into the film industry price paid, can not shirk, also have a bad influence in society. So, star paycheck why so high? Insiders said, in fact, the reasons behind this reason, including the producers themselves. "Because some producers of high complaining actors fee at the same time, also to loot actors use unscrupulous divisive tactics. In the healthy development of the market situation, actors fee not more than half of the production costs, but now has more than 23. Why? You also rob, I also rob, this market can not overheat?" Of course, compare the actor’s paycheck, but also a big rise.相关的主题文章: