The 9 year old mother lost son son lost 6 days along the bus line to walk home (Figure) – Beijing

The 9 year old mother lost son: son lost 6 days along the bus line to walk home (Figure) – Beijing yesterday, Shu Quanyi home (white person) tells him that 6 days experience nine year old mother sun seeking children four, tracking the scorching sun, on the road in Chengdu District Wende Tai Po home and abroad, and guy. Shu Jie pushed his 92 year old grandmother looked everywhere for the lost father Shu Quanyi. Father has the symptoms of brain atrophy, 18 morning to go out to buy cigarettes, has not come home. Yesterday morning, good news from the Shu family, lost 6 days for Shu home safely. Yesterday afternoon, the Chengdu Daily reporter went to Shu Jia Shu, to sit on the bed, with the old mother. "Son is back, happy!" The nine year old son looked at a smile lit. I only took 5 yuan to go out to buy cigarettes, and then in the vicinity to see others playing cards." Yesterday, Shu easy spirit is good, he said after watching cards themselves suddenly can not remember the way home. He kept walking in the vicinity to Cedar Road, Banqiao mannenba and other places, and later to the near SM square, saw 76 bus, "I remember the bus to go home, go all the way back along the bus stop." Shu Quanyi said that no money, no mobile phone, identity card. Even the day to Chengdu, the temperature is high, so hot he hid in the underground parking lot, thirsty to drink. He said, fifth days lost, a kind-hearted man near the fir Banqiao fry bowl Fried rice with egg to him. Shu Jie said that in the future will take good care of his father, the father intends to put on the clothes on the phone and address, and then do a sign hanging on his father’s key. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Zhang Zhaoting intern photographer Tao Ke,相关的主题文章: