The 2017 Mazda 6 price announced in September delivery-9c8921

The 2017 Mazda 6 price announced in September delivery of Phoenix Automotive News as early as a few weeks ago, Mazda officially released the 2017 Mazda car models, compared to the current model many new configuration. Recently, Mazda officially announced the price of the new car information, and announced that the new car will be officially launched in September. The new Mazda 6 sports edition models will be subdivided into 6 speed manual and 6 speed automatic version of the model, two sub models were the standard Mazda Internet information and entertainment systems, using a torque vector control system (G-Vectoring Control system) of the new technology, the system can provide more assistance for turning vehicles, and in the corners to maintain vehicle traction, two segments of the vehicle are sold for $22780 (about 152 thousand yuan) and $23830 (about 159 thousand yuan), compared to cash models priced at a gain of $465 (about 3095 yuan) and $15 (about 100 yuan). The new Mazda 6 Travel Edition models will be the standard of city intelligent brake assist system, automatic headlights and windshield wiper and a series of advanced configuration, 6 speed manual version of the price is $26050 (about 173 thousand yuan), 6 speed automatic version of the price is $26080 (about 174 thousand yuan), compared to 16 your travel version for $1315 (about 8753 yuan) and $265 (about 1764 yuan). The new Mazda 6 Grand Travel Edition models, will increase the lane keeping assist system, traffic sign recognition system and display some safety driving assist system, the starting price of $31530 (about 210 thousand yuan), more than 16 corresponding models higher than $515 (about 3428 yuan). In addition 2017 Grand Travel Edition models will also provide a $2500 package, the package includes a regenerative braking system, heated seats, heated steering wheel, Nappa leather seats, the shift lever LED decorative lamp and a new upgrade of decorative fabrics and so on. More new car news, please pay attention to the follow-up reports phoenix.相关的主题文章: