The 2016 Miss Universe Anhui division finals perfect ending Tao Yuqiong win –

The 2016 Miss Universe Anhui division finals perfect ending – Beijing Tao Yuqiong won the 2016 Miss Universe Anhui division champion Tao Yuqiong Beijing, September 30, September 28, 2016, the Beijing Film Center (Anhui) training center launch ceremony of the sixty-fifth Miss Universe Pageant finals in Anhui, Anhui in Hefei successfully concluded. "Enzysource International Miss Universe 2016 Anhui conference hosted by the Beijing Film Academy training center in Anhui, Beijing Film Academy (Anhui) training center of Beijing Film Academy was set up in the Anhui area is the only official training center. That night, the vice president of Beijing Film Academy professor Sun Lijun, Beijing Film Academy, Song Wenyu teacher training management center responsible person, Hefei municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Director Yin Daozhong outside the province at all levels of leadership, guests from all walks of life to visit the launch ceremony, witnessed the formal establishment of the Anhui center. The famous actor Huang Bo, Cheung Kwok Keung, Yan Danchen, South Korean star Ahn Jae Hyun and young actor Li Chun, Liu Ruilin, Guan Xiaotong and many other North Star alumni together to send video greetings. At the same time, a "north new power" art dreams student welfare plan also officially released in the night. North Central Anhui every year for the Anhui area because of poverty, unable to chase has artistic potential and artistic dreams of young children, as they opened a free dream class, taught by the expert teacher personally, for the children’s hopes and dreams escort! Vice president of Beijing Film Academy professor Sun Lijun said that the Anhui training center will rely on Beijing Film Academy strong teachers and teaching resources, I hope to be an important driving force for art education in Anhui area. The center will also be the linkage film school student welfare activities will be carried out, to better serve the community, highlighting the social and public spirit play video. The game consists of dynamic opening dance, self introduction, swimwear show, evening dress show, talent show, global baby show, Chinese and English bilingual questions and answers and other links. As the judges of the contest are: miss Luo Zilin, Miss Universe China championship in 2011, Beijing Film Academy training management center, the person in charge of Mr. Song Wenyu, chairman of the Anhui Music Association, mr.. 16 players qualify for the finals, after fierce swimsuit, evening gown, Q & A, the final 4 contestant Tao Yuqiong won the title. No. 11 and No. 8 Wang Ruoxi Xu Wanting won the runner up and second runner up. 16 contestants dressed in hot dance short skirt opening, showing their youth and vitality to the audience, instantly blew the audience warm, then hot swimsuit is the atmosphere to a climax. Miss universe is not only a collection of beauty and temperament in one, witty bilingual questions and answers is to show their wisdom and content, showing the style of contemporary women. The girls fight Yan values show vitality, personal charm from the professional image of the tablecloth, temperament, grooming behavior and psychological quality, reflects the comprehensive quality of the contestants, brought a wonderful visual feast for the guests and the audience. Finally, the beautiful girl in Tao Yuqiong, conquered the judges and the audience, won the 2016 Miss Universe Anhui division champion. In addition to the winners, the contest awarded.相关的主题文章: