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The 2016 cross strait Cultural Forum in Henan – Yi Anyang Beijing News Agency in Henan, Anyang on 19 September, (reporter Zheng Qiao) 2016 Strait forum and the twenty-seventh book of Zhouyi culture and modern international symposium in Henan on 19 in Anyang County of Tangyin city opening you. From both sides of the Strait, Singapore, the United States, Malaysia and other places to learn more than 500 experts and scholars gathered around the "carry forward the theme of Zhouyi culture, improve the scientific quality of. The CPC Anyang Municipal Committee, publicity minister Chang Baoli said, "I Ching" is the "Five Classics" of the first, has the profound influence on Chinese culture. As the birthplace of Zhou Yi, Anyang actively build a platform for cultural heritage and promote the Zhouyi, the forum has become an important bridge and link to promote cultural exchanges at home and abroad of zhouyi. China Federation of Taiwan compatriots vice president Yang Yizhou pointed out at the opening ceremony of the Anyang forum as an important platform for cultural exchanges between the two sides, the unity of the compatriots on both sides to promote Chinese culture, enhance the cultural identity and the feelings of compatriots on both sides of the agreement. Quanguotailian hope to organize more cultural exchanges, promote cooperation between Henan and Hong Kong and Macao, to promote the "book of changes" as the representative of the Chinese culture modernization, to the world, and strive to achieve the dream of Chinese. From Taiwan "China five Shui Institute director Liu Dongyi said that the compatriots on both sides of the same root, flesh and blood. For all the children of the Yellow Emperor should work together to actively promote, the ancestors of the creation of book "book of changes", let the world share the Chinese culture. In November this year, will be held on both sides will Zhouyi culture "in Taiwan Hsinchu, invite you to participate in the past. He also told reporters that China pays great attention to the theoretical study of the book of changes, Taiwan is more biased in Feng Shui practice, both sides can learn from each other. After the opening ceremony, "bingshen year you city Zhou Wenwang ritual ceremony" was held. The guests in the Zhou Wenwang statue stood for three minutes, and the hands of incense. Christine read the funeral oration, all the staff also successively presented wreaths of sacrifice. The forum for a period of three days, in addition to the main forum, also held a calligraphy pen and Book Drama party activities. (end)相关的主题文章: