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The 12 picture with you feel golden pheasant girl miniskirt beauty tourism dancer – Sohu Caragana is mainly "miniskirt" branch of Miao cell, young women, they dressed in costumes, dancing, below the knee wrapped feet, wearing cloth shoes on his right hand lift pointed, slightly higher than the head and slightly before extension, right thumb and forefinger tight like chicken mouth, the middle finger three fingers are stretched like a pheasant head, the chicken neck, with knees extended Lusheng music leg, waist peristalsis, smiling nodded, behind the ribbon is flowing freely. When the dancing movements larger and rotates, the dancer’s elegant body silver ribbon, flashing, like "Peacock", "pheasant bright wings", this is the origin of "pheasant dance" title. Pheasant dance originated in the southeast of Guizhou County of Danzhai. In the history of Miao ancestors, were forced to migrate westward, is a beautiful golden pheasant helps them find finally settled, but also brought the rice seed and the joy of the song. Therefore, the people here in the annual grand festival or pheasant dance, to commemorate the ancestors and remember to bring them freedom, peace, joy, beautiful golden pheasant. Lusheng accompaniment slowly sounded, I saw 16 Hmong girl, head wear a Silver Pheasant, wearing a blue cardigan short embroidered clothes, wearing a short skirt with pleated skirt, before and after the Department of a rectangular flower apron waist decorated with handmade riotous with colour with flowers, their neck wearing a silver collar, wearing a silver bracelet wearing pink shoes, Alice sharp…… Dressed as beautiful as the golden pheasant, bouncing a fine step, dancing in the rain and fog in the coming. Is the mascot of the golden pheasant, Miao family, totem symbol. Golden pheasant beautiful feathers popular Miao people like. Thus, the ingenuity of the Miao girl, with a different color silk, feather embroidery Lam modeled into a variety of patterns in the dress, dress, as beautiful as c.. Pheasant dance side show the Miao people’s character gentle and refined, embodies the harmony between man and nature friendly spirit, highlights the aesthetic pursuit of Miao people’s ancient and splendid, is an exotic flower in the folk dance.相关的主题文章: