The 11 counties parliamentary Anti Japanese nuclear disaster into a new network – in food-punyu

The 11 counties parliamentary Anti Japanese nuclear disaster food Taiwan – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network November 15th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, Taoyuan Taiwan City Council KMT 14 proposals to amend the "food safety and health regulations" autonomous, expressly prohibited the Japanese nuclear disaster in Taoyuan food trafficking; Kaohsiung City, Taichung City, on the other new Taipei City, Tainan City, Hsinchu City, Changhua, Yunlin, Miaoli, Taitung, Chiayi and other 10 counties Council of the KMT caucus will proposal. New Taipei City speaker Jiang Genhuang said that the Taiwan authorities must follow public opinion, absolutely can not open up Japan’s nuclear disaster food in taiwan. Taiwan Taoyuan City Council said the KMT, strictly eliminate the production of nuclear disaster area food "to enter the Taoyuan, and require immediate revision of existing" Taoyuan City Food Additives Management Regulations "will be" autonomous, nuclear disaster production, food manufacturing "in management, reinforcing the existing laws, and resorted to use esophageal internal medicine 31 million 142 thousand yuan NT the budget as a means to prevent the Taiwan authorities to cross the mountain. Taoyuan City Health Secretary Cai Zijun said that if the Taiwan authorities decided to open the batch inspection, strictly, "not listed Japanese food, Taiwan should not enter". Taichung City Council Party Parliamentary Group 21 members signed a proposal to Parliament made formal decisions later. Party secretary general Yang Zhengzhong said that the public food safety can not be sold to public health care politics, Taichung KMT responsibility, will ban the import of food into the nuclear disaster in Taichung city autonomy is as real, risk assessment and supporting measures of the Taiwan authorities say is all in vain. Taichung Municipal government said that the KMT members of the City Council jointly asked government on autonomous regulations, according to the Taiwan authorities in northeast part of the county agricultural products in Japan may open to Taiwan, the city government said it would conduct the deliberations and respect. Yunlin County Council consists of 14 members signed a proposal, will formulate autonomous regulations banning nuclear disaster in Yunlin County in the food store shelves, especially non inflow of school lunch. Tainan City, the KMT parliamentary group on the 14 day action will be Japanese food thrown on the ground to express their dissatisfaction, and decided by members in the joint proposal, "food safety and health regulations" to autonomous law to resist. In addition, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Miaoli County, the KMT Group 15 will also be banned. New Taipei City speaker Jiang Genhuang pointed out that the Taiwan authorities must follow public opinion, absolutely can not open up Japan’s nuclear disaster food into the station, if the Taiwan authorities cannot control, New Taipei City Council will call cross party members, the proposal to amend the autonomous regulations, strictly to food selling nuclear disaster in New Taipei city. Wang Zhifeng, Secretary General of the KMT delegation of the Pingtung County Council, said the party members will convene a meeting to discuss the matter at the same time, while listening to other people’s opinions, will decide whether the proposal. Taitung county councilor Lin Conghan also said that the proposal to amend the autonomy ordinance. People first party members 14, Keelung city mayor Lin Youchang asked whether rejected Japan’s nuclear disaster food stand, Lin Youchang said that their current 5 counties food lose station does not agree with Japan Fukushima, the most important people in food safety.相关的主题文章: