The 1-60 finale plot 54, 55 sets of sparrows Tang Shanhai held deep Chen and Chen Zhong-haywire

"The 1-60" finale plot   54, 55 sets of sparrows: Tang Shanhai held deep   Chen and Chen Zhongliang; bi deep drew each other – Anhui Channel – fifty-third – Dachunhe Chen to conceal the truth deep Xu Bicheng risked his life to save two flat head to marry Zhu Zhu, Chen deep very generously lent him one hundred dollars money, it makes the flat head deeply touched. Chen asked the flat head flat for the future what plan, flat head firmly said that this life with Chen chen. Chen Shen under the compassionate and enthusiastic, different and Jiangsu provinces. Li Moqun saw the Tangshan sea in action at the prison, before this, Li Moqun never thought of himself in action at all but very careful, their relatives hands down. The Tangshan sea anger he will wantonly scold a meal, said in Tangshan before the sea daizuiligong never told him about any contact. Bi Zhongliang for the Tangshan sea for the Tangshan sea immediately asks Li Moqun to allow her to take action to arrest the juntong, daizuiligong. Xu Bicheng finally met with Tao Dachun, Xu Bicheng immediately asked Tao Dachun whether Chongqing surrendered what kind of intelligence can save Shanhaiguan, Tao Dachun told her that the intelligence and the Communist Party of China, Chongqing intends to use the Communist Party to two lives in exchange for Tangshan sea life. Chen Shen has to sacrifice his companion rescue Tangshan sea situation absolutely ignorant of Xu Bicheng that Tao Dachun will be furious, about Chen Shen, she would not let the innocent party be hurt. Xu Bicheng in this matter and Tao Dachun had a fierce conflict, she immediately call Chen deep, and at this time of the preparation of the afternoon of the action, did not receive the phone call from Xu Bicheng, Chen Shenzheng. (Wu Xilu, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) the seventeenth set is introduced Xu Bicheng under house arrest Bi Zhongliang to investigate the ghost events detected by Chen deep tracking, actually it was Bi Zhongliang sent to spy on the sea of Tangshan, Chen deep first knocked on the door of the house of Li Xiaonan, the Tangshan sea to hear the voice of Chen Shen, he like to see the Savior. Two other changed clothes after the Tangshan sea Chen deep out of the car. Chen Shen in dialogue with Bi Zhongliang deliberately referred to the van broke down and blowout things, Bi Zhongliang after listening to the words of Chen Shen the Caohejing prison in fat also listed in suspicion, so people think life summoned to action, to the fat man was brought to the special operations of the prison waiting for interrogation. Tang Shanhai drove to find Tao Dachun to confirm the identity of the players was arrested, he learned that Xu Bicheng had seen Lv Ming was arrested, he was very worried about if LV ming could not resist torture for Xu Bicheng, so he and Xu Bicheng the only one. Tao Dachun suggested that the Tangshan sea first retreat, but the Tangshan sea will not leave Xu, and has been ready to sacrifice with her ready. Xu Bicheng and Liu Mina was under house arrest, Xu Bicheng worried that their identity will be exposed, so she pretended to take the initiative to find Bi Zhongliang, he cried out in the sea of Tangshan qiaojiashan Jinwucangjiao things, so that the three day of what Bi Zhongliang said is true, Mr Xu Bicheng disrupted the Bi Zhongliang thoughts. Tang Shanhai back to the apartment, he hoped that Chen can find opportunities to kill Lu Ming, only so相关的主题文章: