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That nap for the baby to sleep? Sohu said maternal nap for the baby to sleep? Noon eat well eat ah, sleepy, now throw pillows, small minute can sleep in. Look, ah, dolphin long crooked, go to bed to sleep together. And when it comes to the last bedtime crying to sleep, there are a lot of hemp to ask "how long the baby nap is better?" Good, good sleepy sleepy, let Xiao Nan nap to answer. Waking up refreshed…… Baby daytime nap time, different ages have different needs. Like a dolphin after 3 months to 1 years, to narrow some sleep every day, usually a morning, afternoon a night, occasionally add a meal". Time, sleep as long as you want, a few months of the baby, but also why not sleep? Of course, if the nap to sleep at night, it will be decisive, has started a four or five hours sleep a few times dolphin before dinner, the night does not sleep, naughty ah, huh, evening snacks cancel. If your baby is nearly 1 years old, afraid he will be too late to sleep, do not let the evening nap, the day is enough to ensure that the baby’s spirit of the 2. Dolphin after the age of 1, will go and talk to play all kinds of trouble, want to play to play, which is willing to spend time in sleep, let alone night nap he can not, can not sleep sleep the morning. After dinner nap, still need the dolphin morning tired, needs a nap in the afternoon an added strength, slept for one or two hours, and then will be able to sleep at night was full of vigor and vitality. After 2 years of age, as long as the dolphin afternoon nap, will be able to cope with a day. General sleep about 2 hours, the deviation is also within half an hour. But this stage, try to make small dolphin nap time and evening officially sleep time are fixed, only when the dolphin is very tired, to adjust, such as a nap or go to sleep for one or two hours. Xiao Nan said here, just about the different stages of the dolphin, Baba mama can be a reference, specific or according to the actual situation of their own to do. In particular, the question of how long sleep, regardless of a few hours, as long as the baby woke up on the line. "My baby is not willing to sleep during the day, ah, half an hour to wake up, is it possible to sleep well in the evening?" This baby, Xiao Nan also encountered a short nap, can be ignored, some Baba mama didn’t give him to create a good sleep environment, the baby refused to sleep, not their own bed, the room is too noisy, too much light in the room…… These adjustments, the baby will fall asleep easily. And some of it is missing the signal sent by Baba Mama baby to sleep, react, the baby is not sleepy, this time to rush to let him nap, sleep for a long time? Try to coax, or feed the milk, the baby might go to sleep for half an hour. If this is the case, that is absolutely not agree — for the baby at night less wake up several times during the day, don’t let him sleep, saw the baby fell asleep, let him fight"相关的主题文章: