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Indonesia tens of thousands of people protest cited riots: the president condemned to cancel the scheduled visit – Beijing Capital chief opponent of tens of thousands of people protested because cited riots on the streets of Jakarta’s capital showed a trend of violence, President Djoko? Widodo decided to cancel the scheduled 6 to 8 on the official visit to Australia, to handle affairs demonstrations. Some Jakarta people held in Jakarta the capital of the chief executive on peaceful demonstrations in 4, in the evening of violence caused by upgrading, including many police personnel more than 100 people were injured. The escalation of violence hit Chinese restaurant object in this protest is seeking re-election, the capital of Jakarta SAR chief executive basuki tjahaja?? s Nama, reason is the competition against him was recently burst in a video, but the content is a religious insult. Basuki in the video half jokingly said, those political rivals used religious slogans to deceive voters, trying to win votes to. Some religious organizations or groups to the basuki revolt, accused him of insulting religion, demanding his resignation and face penalties. Basuki after a public apology, is cooperating with the police investigation, but insisted that the words only for his competitors. In some organizations, tens of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Jakarta, 4, held peaceful demonstrations, but violence in the evening. Police said the demonstrators were evacuated in anticipation of peace, but there are some people by the impact of the police line, burning police cars, threw stones and bottles at the police, even tried to storm the presidential palace surrounding security defense, led police tear gas against. The Indonesian National Police Department spokesman, said Amar, Ralph?? an old man after inhaling tear gas and asthma attacks, died, about 160 demonstrators due to the inhalation of toxic gases were admitted to the hospital, the injured officers is not in the minority, and 3 police vehicles were burned trucks, 18 cars were damaged. The police to incite a riot near the presidential palace by the arrest of 10 people, arrested 15 other criminals took the opportunity to rob the store. Reuters quoted a local residents said, in the northern regions of Jakarta inhabited by secular and a lot of people, some Chinese shops and restaurants have been closed, the police also deployed police to protect local temples and schools. The president condemned the cancellation of the original visit after a violent situation, President Djoko decided to cancel the original 6 to 8 official visit to Australia in order to deal with demonstrations. Although Djoko in 2014 to attend the twenty G20 summit during a brief visit to Australia, but this trip is considered to be the president after he took office the first official visit to Australia, focusing on improving bilateral relations, strengthen economic cooperation etc.. "Taking into account the recent situation in Indonesia requires the presence of the president, President Djoko decided to postpone the visit to Australia," the president said in a statement. 4 late at night, the family issued a statement condemning the violence, accusing some of the political power to use demonstrations to incite the situation out of control. Earlier, former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono?? has publicly expressed support for demonstrations. But according to the The Associated Press reported that Djoko was not named "government相关的主题文章: