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Personal-Tech If anyone intends to set up their own online store, then it is very necessary to find the right platform for building it looking onto the requirements and functionalities. There is huge range of platforms available today to choose from that have all different features each required and suited to different people. The term E.merce means selling products on internet. This kind of business is only possible because of various E.merce platforms that has some important features like maintaining all your content and information about the product, helps in accepting payments easily and also helps in promoting your products/services. Some of the best open source E.merce platforms are listed below:- 1] Magento: It is the worlds fastest growing e.merce platform today. Magento .es with specific two flavors the enterprise edition and the .munity edition. The .munity edition is free to download and it .es with no support, warranty or indemnification. This platform is used by thousands of online stores all over the world. 2] Os.merce: This is another great E.merce platform which is the most widely used one when it .es to build an online store. This CMS is more than sufficient for setting up, running as well as managing an online store quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Though modification of the design of the online store is not that easy as much it should be. 3] WordPress: WordPress is actually known to be best blogging platform. But this CMS can also be used for an online store to get good results as it has got all necessary features required for building a good online web store. 4] ZenCart: ZenCart offers lots of extra features other than standard features like it has a newsletter manager, discount coupon, quantity discounts, gift certificates and the ability to select exactly which cards you accept. 5] OpenCart: This is another open e.merce solution about which many people are not aware of though it offers some really good features .pared to other solutions available. 6] X-Cart: X-cart is a .mercial package with open source code. It is fast, W3C-.plaint and search engine friendly. It uses Smarty template system which many programmers enjoy working with. 7] CubeCart: This is .pletely free to download and use. CubeCart .es with three different kinds of skins, History of customer order, unlimited products, categories and images, support of multiple currencies, and also product search function. 8] VirtueMart: This e.merce solution is designed to be used along with Joomla CMS as it cannot be operated alone. VirtueMart supports multiple currencies and languages, and you can also add unlimited number of products and their categories. 9] UberCart: Like VirtueMart, this has to be also used with a CMS but in this case it has to be integrated with Drupal. The specialization of UberCart is in the sale of file downloads, event registrations, access to members only websites and even event tickets. 10] ZeusCart: This platform is designed with small and medium businesses in mind, by which users can utilize the most of SEO friendly URLs, gift cards, discounts, email templates and tier-pricing because of which it is possible to decrease range for bulk orders. The best thing is its user interface which is very user friendly along with its rich and attractive design and features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: