Tao Yin plays the most beautiful prosecutor detonated reputation ratings Champion (video) in-webquest

Tao Yin plays the most beautiful prosecutor detonated reputation ratings champion "people’s prosecutor in" tonight aired on Tencent comprehensive entertainment news directed by the famous director Tao Yin, Zheng Yu, Yingning, Yu Rongguang co starred in the TV series "people’s prosecutor", currently in the CCTV broadcast primetime. The screen has repeatedly uniformed Tao Yin in the play turned people’s attorney Xia Jingru, she put on a uniform, but broke the previous people on the prosecutor’s serious impression, users have praised it as "the most beautiful prosecutor", "people’s prosecutor" interpretation of the most beautiful people of the story since the broadcast the ratings are rising, just the episode is reached the ratings peak, which also makes Tao Yin welcomed the Queen’s throne again in the ratings. "People’s prosecutor" ratings soared an Tao Yin crazy circle of powder "people’s prosecutors in recent years as the" drama industry, once broadcast by the audience favorite, but won praise, more and more people are attracted by success, topped the ratings peak. The ratings gratifying, and Tao Yin in the "beak" attribute has a surprise, not only the work life is everywhere a glib mouth, to seize the initiative". And as a law professor husband fights his beak like in the trial scene, yiyanbuge will move out of the "marriage law" with her husband Liu bickering, the relationship between husband and wife as the work site, so that the majority of chase drama fans can not help but to send Tao Yin "summer beak" title, the district attorney’s beauty and intelligence also, prompting users call to ring a lot of amazing, Tao Yin powder. Good basic skills to conquer the world by acting the most important of these years in Wenzhou "one family" could not pull the backbone of Zhou Ayu or "Wu Zetian" in the secret history of empress Tao Yin, with their increasingly superb acting will vivid interpretation of the role, with these outstanding award-winning works. But she has never stopped their pace, do not forget the beginning of the heart is still the same as when she debuted, pious performances, convinced that the actor is like a craftsman, his skills to practice the most important. It is also this effort and focus, so that Tao Yin with his solid acting in the film and television circles play a piece of the world, to become worthy of the queen".相关的主题文章: