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Sweet! "We" admit Joe Chen had received 999 roses Joe Chen admit had received 999 roses "we have come to the" Sina entertainment news this week, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" future to have beautiful flowers of Yunnan in Tengchong, where guests will wander in the sea of flowers and trees, fully absorb the natural oxygen bar the fresh air, to feel the breath of nature, shooting out in this picture shows where nature is beautiful. "Women spend" love flowers in Yunnan Tengchong flowers All flowers bloom together. Martini feast, eight actresses have talked about his love of flowers. As gorgeous Angie Chiu [micro-blog] with flowers said he what love and other flowers, the actress is Martini, Ka-ling said his sister love lily, the youngest Xu Jiao [micro-blog] said they love the most are still at the scene of the dandelion, joked: "I love the most is the New Year gift money can flower." To say the most popular actress who loved flowers is the sun sunflower, Joe Chen [micro-blog], Karen Mok [micro-blog] and Jiang Yiyan [micro-blog] have said their most love is a sunflower, sunny Sheenah [micro-blog] that he is also the people laugh, like a sunflower, always in the direction of the sun really Sheenah is like a sunflower, always sunny, always bring you joy and warmth. After Joe Chen was given 999 roses Karen Mok show sweet said they often receive flowers in actress talking their favorite flowers, Joe Chen was asked to have not received the flowers, Jon replied that the presence of the actress with envious eyes, face full of hope. Joe Chen himself had received 999 roses, the stars cheer, Joe Chen also lamented that he has never seen more than did not receive so many flowers, received a rose is also a surprise 999. Who could have been so generous to Joe Chen? Everyone is curious. Joe Chen finished his experience after receiving flowers, Karen Mok again made of sugar, a big show of affection, said he and her husband often different works, but the husband was very romantic, very loving two people, in the special day for your husband will send flowers to express good wishes. Tengchong, the United States and the United States, we are more beautiful actress! Want to feel the charm and beauty of Yunnan in Tengchong to see the goddess of nature, have a beautiful face, want guests bring you a taste of the original ecology of the Yunnan local customs and practices, please continue to lock Hunan TV 20:20 this Friday "we come", we see Tengchong! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: