Suspicion of improper addition of alcohol fire on the stove fire wounding 7470d

Due to improper add alcohol Hot pot furnace fire wounding – Beijing Ji’nan Qilu Evening News September 18th news (reporter Zhang Tailai) the evening of 18 10 pm, Ji’nan Second Ring Road, Zhao Village Commercial Street in a Hot pot shop in diners eat in the process, the waiter added alcohol when Hot pot furnace fire accident, four diners and waiters five are different the degree of burn and scald, of which two people hurt face and abdomen, severe injury requiring hospitalization. The 18 day at 11:45 in the evening, reporters rushed to the hospital emergency department of the Yellow River hospital, a nurse said a total of five injured were sent to the hospital, four men and a woman, the woman and a 30 year old male seriously injured, "the face and belly are hurt, legs like is a hot point, has been transferred to inpatient treatment." The nurse said that several other injured in the arm, no harm. Reporters immediately rushed to the hospital to understand the situation and found that the injured and the hotel staff are outside the ward in the corridor to negotiate the matter, the two sides did not fierce rhetoric. Among them, about 40 middle-aged man sitting on a bench, a man’s left arm wrapped around the gauze, a man’s right arm wrapped around the gauze, the gauze, and so on. Asked that two people were injured in the accident diners, when asked about the scene of the incident, the other party is said to be in a restaurant with friends to eat, drink wine, Mongolia, and how we do not know." The side of the hotel staff said the location is in a hotel room in the hotel is the use of solid alcohol, adding alcohol for diners at the waiter, "due to the operation of a fire accident". Hotel staff said the injuries were not serious, the two sides have negotiated the matter, resolved, all right. "相关的主题文章: