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The summer box office cited reflection of negative growth   " IP" " " town youth; bubble – the media – original title: Summer box office negative reflection cited "Tomb notes" the high reputation of poor box office. Picture September 1st is the opening day of primary and secondary schools, this day also announced that this year’s summer movie file officially ended. Compared with the bustling market last year, this year’s summer file did not meet expectations. As of August 28th 2016, the summer box office revenue was 12 billion 329 million yuan, 12 billion 478 million yuan in 2015 and the summer box office had little difference, but in the screenings, investment in the case of a substantial increase in 2016, the summer did not produce a satisfactory answer". Analysis of the industry last year, touted the "small town youth" and "IP film" bubble in the data before the announcement, but also reflects the current film production of "no heavy" impetuous atmosphere, but also reflects the cognition and expect the domestic film industry in the main market there is error. "Small town youth" drag the box office last year was a year of hind advocate "small town youth" concept, in the first half of this year at low tide after, almost disappeared from public opinion. According to a study of the definition of the concept of small town young people in the study report, small town refers to the second tier cities and the following cities, counties, towns viewing 19 to 30 year old movie audience. Last year, the small town of this viewing group has contributed to the capture of the 80% box office. As a result, many policy makers, observers believe that the small town to support the shadow of China’s half of the sky. However, from the comparison of the data, the results are quite different. Art grace film think tank data show that in 2015 the fastest growing in April, in July and in August as a sample, small town where the second tier cities and below the box office rose year on year are less than the national level. Among them, the fastest growth in April, the national box office growth of 126%, second tier cities and below the box office growth rate of only 59%. This year, the rapid growth in negative growth and drop shadow, "small town youth" is showing different first-tier cities on the market force, in April and July, the second and three line of the city’s slow down more than the country, in August the second city of box office is the "only to turn down the negative growth the power of youth groups in town. "Young people ‘s understanding and expectations of errors, is a major cause of this year’s summer box office is not as important as last year." One observation entertainment editor Chen Changye analysis, since the last three years, the average share of box office of the second city accounted for 42% of the country, the second tier city into the "small town", is actually the 345 line of the city to join the main force in the market. China’s film market has always been to youth as the absolute main force, when the second tier and the following cities and youth in these two different dimensions of the main addition, which itself is undoubtedly the main market. Therefore, in Chen Changye’s view, the "small town" at the box office superstition meaningless, but from the data point of view, a line相关的主题文章: