Successful entrepreneurs have been pouring chicken soup Don’t let the cult of goods ruin your career-bleep

Successful entrepreneurs have been pouring chicken soup? Don’t let the cult of goods ruin your career! The leaves of Zhansheng reported in October 7th (Translation: Leng Jie) editor’s note: the author is Susa Ventures partner Leo Polovets. The Second World War II Pacific War, U.S. forces in the Pacific island Melanesia established a temporary base. At that time the native island saw us in the "big ship" (ships) out, also see some "big plane" (military aircraft) wearing the uniform of the US military transport. The natives felt very surprised and felt that these "big ship" and "big plane" is very powerful. In addition, the United States also provided some of the material to the indigenous people, and these materials are very useful for the indigenous people, the results of these Native Americans as god. After the end of the Second World War, the Americans left the Melanesian Island, leaving only a few military uniforms and goods. These indigenous think these goods have magical power, and believe that "God" (U.S.) he will come back, bring more goods, so they started a new era of happiness. So these indigenous himself developed a form of worship, worship of military uniforms and goods. The forms of religion are indigenous to wear military uniforms raised the United States flag, is the totem wood plane. Of course, the U.S. military did not come back, and these indigenous people because only see the surface of novelty, and did not study their essence, and therefore can not get any improvement. This story also reflects the status of entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley is a Melanesian island as above as magical place, it is never a lack of ambition and innovation, but also full of cargo cult phenomenon. The famous founders and investors will be the same as the God worship and imitation, while those in the people still do not know what went wrong. The root of the worship of goods, whether investors, founders or ordinary employees, inevitably entered the cycle of worship of goods. People try to learn from the successful experience, standing on the shoulders of giants, but these "secrets" are more or less biased: survivor bias — also called "the dead do not speak", is a common fallacy. People tend to put on the aura of success, that their behavior led to their success, in fact, it is possible that they do is wrong, but survived. Because there is no survival of the people may be doing the same, but there is no opportunity to speak out (even if it will not be heard). For example: "successful CEO are very diligent." In fact, many unsuccessful CEO are also very diligent, so even 100 hours a week can not guarantee success. In recent years, people tend to judge the future by their recent historical experiences and trends, which in many cases have been proved correct. However, if the phenomenon does not understand the nature of the problem, the situation is turning, there may be completely wrong judgment and unable to extricate themselves. For example: electronic commerce must be able to invest a large sum of money! Do not believe you look at Jet and Dollar Shave.相关的主题文章: