Study video games smoking and drinking scenes are easy to make young people infected with bad

Study: video games smoking and drinking scenes are easy to make the young people are sick of British studies show that TV games in the context of smoking and drinking easily lead to young players with bad habits. Experts at the University of Nottingham in the UK tobacco and alcohol research center survey of 32 kinds of popular games and video sharing site YouTube network (YouTube) on the popular video game, found that nearly half of popular games in drinking and smoking scenes. They conducted an online survey of 1094 players who had played the game at the age of 11 to the age of, and found that they were about twice as likely to smoke and drink as their peers. The researchers said that in real life to buy alcohol has an age limit, but the age limit game without considering the factors of alcohol and tobacco. In addition, their parents appear tobacco scenes in the movie concerns unlike so much of the game. The British "Daily Mail" quoted Joanne as saying on lead · Cranwell: "more than half of British parents have realized that the content of harm to the child." She thinks that we should take measures to encourage developers to reduce tobacco in the game scene. The findings are published in the Journal of network psychology, behavior and social networking.相关的主题文章: