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For Chinese analysis – A6L market to build the competitiveness of e-tron Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] Audi A6Le-tron last year to the Shanghai auto show the first, and in October 21, 2016 in the Changchun base assembly is the official line, will be officially listed in November. The car is designed for the Chinese FAW Volkswagen market plug-in hybrid models, but also the first pure electric driving Audi C class luxury sedan, the new car will take over the import A6 Hybrid. Today, Audi e-tron has formed an independent technology brand, the car in the Chinese market and the competitive advantage of what? Audi A6Le-tron based on overseas models to build, the body size of the Chinese market has increased for the domestic market to create exclusive. The appearance of the continuation of the Audi family design dynamic, atmospheric, and has its own unique attributes. The car has a pure electric mode, automatic mode, charging mode and hold mode four different driving mode, the user can choose according to their preferences and traffic conditions. Audi guide "ABB Three Musketeers" to create China market exclusive models by the public are referred to as "ABB" of the "Three Musketeers" – Audi BMW Benz, the three German brands since entering the market has brought China PA luxury brand top three positions, and Audi is the first to enter the domestic and built production base the German luxury brand, because the domestic market before the official car demand, the achievements of the Audi brand sales in the leading the way, when the demand is no longer survival, it change the strategy for the domestic market of new energy vehicles, Audi e-tron was born. The car power system, the maximum power of 211 horsepower gasoline engine, the maximum torque of 350 cattle · m, the maximum power of the motor is 124 horsepower, maximum torque of 220 cattle ·. The engine is matched with a 8 speed Tiptronic manual gearbox. New car from standstill to accelerate 100km h takes only 8.4 seconds, on the charging side when the car is connected to the industrial charging pile, just 2 hours to fill the electricity. About the body size, because it is to build on the current A6L, wheelbase should be more than 3 meters, compared with the ordinary version of President A6 a lot, but the specific data has not yet given manufacturers. The old friend and rival pedestria love to kill the Audi A6Le-tron target obviously, went straight to the old friend of BMW 530Le and BMW, although it is relatively China into the rhythm of the market to slow some, but the car performance seems to be able to do the rhythm of a perfect explanation: precise grasp of domestic C the luxury car market demand; to meet domestic consumer demand and understand the competitive advantages and disadvantages to better prepare yourself. ————————————–相关的主题文章: