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Water diversion office: underground level in Beijing plain area are 62 cm depth recovery – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 26 (reporter Wei Mengjia) Beijing municipal water diversion office 26, said that since the south to North Water Diversion Project water to Beijing more than a year, gradually reduce the amount of groundwater exploitation in Beijing. Monitoring data show that the underground level at the end of July in Beijing plain were buried depth of 25.93 meters, compared with the same period last year rose 62 cm. Beijing municipal water diversion office relevant person in charge of the south to North Water Diversion Project water since December 2014 since, has exerted a positive influence on the protection of water resources in the capital supply, increase strategic reserves of water resources, groundwater decline slowed. As of 26, Beijing cumulative water intake of about 1 billion 573 million cubic meters, accounting for about 1/3 of the total transfer of the middle route project, the city’s direct benefit of population of about 11000000. Up to now, there are 5 billion cubic meters of water flowing into Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou and other central cities along the line of nearly 30 large and medium cities, thus benefiting the about 40000000 residents. Reporters from the Beijing municipal water diversion office was informed that more than a year, thanks to the "south" of Beijing, increase the pressure of groundwater dynamics, and the use of "water" to supply water to the city lakes and water sources. At present, Beijing has accumulated 114 million cubic meters of groundwater pressure. At the same time, also to close water test of Huai Shun water 84 million cubic meters, the underground water replenishment region increased significantly, the local area and last year the largest increase of approximately 8 meters. Monitoring data show that the end of July this year, the city’s underground level plains are buried deep over the same period last year rose 62 cm. At the same time, the Nanshui Beijing, also increased the capital water resources strategic reserves. Today, the water has accumulated to the Ming Dynasty Tombs, Huairou, Miyun and other local reservoirs in Beijing, about 200 million cubic meters of water, which entered the capital of an important source of drinking water Miyun reservoir, more than 135 million cubic meters of water. In addition, Beijing also uses "south" to the city and 174 million cubic meters of accumulated water, the city water ecological environment will be improved.相关的主题文章: