Sounds of nature battle Karen Mok was crying in the accompaniment singing Huachen

"Sounds of nature" battle Karen Mok was singing cry in accompaniment Yu brilliance Sina entertainment news this Sunday evening 21 o’clock, there is a Swiss amateur challenger DragonTV new large original music challenge program "sounds of nature" battle arena. He is singing one song, "angels sing" Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and brilliance Yu [micro-blog] were all visibly moved. "Goddess" Karen Mok was moved by his song, shed tears of excitement. Yang Kun evaluated him: "he is not singing, no skills, but can draw people into the song. This is the most powerful." Hua Chenyu in this showdown also encountered a hitherto unknown challenge, he must not only face the task of adaptation of "the Divine Comedy" within 24 hours, and also one of the most familiar people against. He followed three years of "road" road in silent accompaniment to his challenge, quitting brave victory, this is a powerful duel, who can surprise move? Fei Yuqing met the Swiss singer "old" a guitar to sing cry Karen Mok saw the first two shows viewers will find that Fei Yuqing will have a choice of opponent when asked in three asked: "you love to sing what types of songs?" And if you want to meet answer "I love passionate" player, "brother" is always praised each other "soprano singers are very powerful, but after modest:" I admire you can sing high, because I too can sing". Then he would always choose a challenger who likes to sing a Lyric song. This time is indeed, Fei Yuqing chose a middle-aged male singer to sing love songs. "There is a beauty, in the water side……" On the stage, the middle-aged man holding a wooden guitar, singing leisurely. No gorgeous majestic music, singing the most ordinary and simple, with the coarse ore in the uninhibited husky voice is warm and clear. The simplicity and freedom deeply touched everyone present. He listened to the delicate meanders the song "across the water", Karen Mok’s eyes had been wet with tears. Hua Chenyu is also the same side of the red eye. The player named "old Ren Ren" Bairu. This year is 41 years old, is an ordinary bar singer. He said the song, he wanted to sing to his ex-wife, a woman who had been separated from him for 14 years. 14 years ago the old to pursue his dream of music and his wife away. After many years, I do not know where the wind up, whether well. A period of memories in a song to sing, sweet mixed with bitter. The old man said he would like to see his ex-wife through television to see her sing this song. I don’t know any of the old can eventually get what you want, but the presence of a beautiful woman has moved by him, Karen Mok said: "in fact, dry the tears when you come out of the challenge, I can clearly remember your smile, your every move is from your heart. I was moved to tears, and I thank you for the good music." Yang Kun is old, empathy: "we are all one’s, your voice is a story." Huachen Yu was blocking the path to the Queen’s love to kill the outcome unpredictable than Fei Yuqing, Hua Chenyu this time also ushered in)相关的主题文章: