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Home-Improvement Let us first start with a brief introduction about solar roofing shingles. Solar shingles, also known as photo voltaic shingles, are relatively new equipments that gained their popularity due to their .petency to generate and store solar energy. The year 2005 witnessed the first release and since then solar roofing shingles receive a great deal of attention. What was the purpose of the first release? The purpose of the shingles’ first release was to function similarly like the old ones. However, the new solar shingles are designed to generate electricity to households and buildings. In addition, the first release of solar roof tiles attracted peoples’ attention with its cutting design made to fit the top of houses and buildings. The main benefit introduced by this technology is the possibility to gain the best benefit from the sun’s energy by converting it to electrical energy. Consequently, this would save a lot of money paid monthly for high electricity’s bills. What is the structure of solar roofing shingles? These tiles are not just panels that are fitted on the roofs’ tops. Alternatively, they have a dark blue or purple hue that fits any type of household. Even more, some solar roof tiles have these hues manufactured from poly-matrix in order to be mounted on the existing roof’s top without too much headache. What is the role of inverters? The power is produced in DC (Direct Current) whereas houses use AC (Alternate Current). Hence, inverters are essential so that the whole process works as it should be. However, the drawback here is the extra cost involved in buying these inverters. What is the primary disadvantage? As a matter of fact, solar panels cost more .pared to typical photo voltaic cells (PVs). Nevertheless, in the recent years, the requirement for these solar panels has been amplified due to the endless increase in the electricity’s fee. It is also seen that the government in California has begun to build new houses equipped with solar panels as this will add an additional value to the house. Furthermore, many countries like Japan and Germany try to encourage their citizens to use this clean energy. Can you do this job on your own? Well, exploring online discussion rooms, it has been observed that many individuals are interested to build their solar roof tiles on their own. They believe that it is an interesting job and they will be very pleased to get it working by themselves. If it is your case, then it would be a good idea to look in the internet for a step-by-step guide. If you lack the technical power to do it on your own, then you may consult solar energy contractors. The positive aspect here is their ability to ac.plish this job easily and quickly. Nevertheless, the negative aspect is the resulted increase in the overall cost as solar installers are not that cheap to hire. What would be the big benefit of using this concept? As a matter of fact, solar hot water can be generated by the usage of flat panels on the roof’s top. This is especially effective as warm water can be used for all household functions like showers or washing. This option is extremely beneficial and eases the electricity’s expenses in a unique method. Numerous countries such as US, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Spain, Austria, Greece, and China are working with this technology and persuade people to set up solar water heaters. In addition, this invention is strongly advised by financial experts. What would be the other profit? On a larger scale, solar thermal power focuses on transforming the sun’s energy to thermal energy. It works by the means of collectors that produce low, high, or moderate temperature that is used in house-heating functions. Other normal applications would be swimming pools, industrial facilities, health-clubs, etc. What are my final words for you? The idea of solar roofing shingles illustrates how the sun’s energy can be helpful for people and also the environment. To make the ideal use of this concept and to also add a value to your home, using solar roof tiles is the solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: