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Soft goods feast: cotton candy sweet astringent Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Our reporter Ye Siqi soft goods is the commodity futures market is full of charm varieties. After the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, soft commodities gapped sharply, cotton candy both stand on the high stage. Cotton, cotton storage round out is coming to an end, and from nucotn concentrated market there is still a month time, supply is expected to start warming up. Sugar, the decline in production in Brazil, the news came out, the global supply tightening is expected to start fermentation. However, the soft goods seem to show hard power on the occasion, the industry pointed out that long ammunition may not be sufficient to participate in this feast need to be cautious. Soft cotton show hard thin cotton, never lack of heavy story, such as 2010, a cotton super bull market achievements of Lin Guangmao, etc. as well as a futures speculators, talked about the myth of wealth. Therefore, every move of cotton futures market, do not let people think history opportunity. This week, Zheng cotton rally let insiders excited. As of September 21st closing, Zheng cotton contract rose 185 yuan, or $1.25%, at $14965 tons, the last 5 trading days rose by a total of 9%. Outside as well, in September 19th, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) cotton futures rose more than 1.5%, the biggest one-day gain in two weeks. Positions, from September 14th three trading days, the positions of Zheng 1701 cotton contract from 355 thousand to 426 thousand hand hand, Zheng cotton Masukura up that external funding for cotton to enhance attention. Not only futures, spot market also began to boil up. According to the Chinese cotton network news, many farmers in the future there are more looking forward to the cotton price. Taking Shandong Dezhou as an example, 400 ginning factories now enjoys around 7-8, the seed cotton purchase price remained at 3.60 yuan -3.65 yuan kg kg, compared with last year’s 3.10 yuan catty price 0.50 yuan -0.60 yuan Jin jin. However, most farmers still think workshop price represents a kind of information, the future of cotton prices will rise sharply, or high in 4 yuan kg line. CITIC futures researcher Wang Yan said Zheng cotton round up can be analyzed from two aspects. First of all, the macro aspects, to cope with the double period of demand for funds, the central bank repurchase increase market liquidity, Zheng cotton price support. Secondly, the cotton supply and demand, the mainland listed nucotn period delay, Xinjiang is not a lot of listed reserve cotton auction remaining time less than 10 working days, in order to ensure the cotton textile enterprises listed before the production demand, bidding cotton reserves actively. September 18th and 19, the amount of cotton reserves listed for the amount of 2.5 and 25 thousand and 700 tons, less than 30 thousand tons, the turnover rate reached nearly 100%, from the side reflects the downstream demand for cotton. According to the galaxy futures Textile Division researcher Liu Qiannan introduced, as of September 19th, the reserve cotton wheel theory相关的主题文章: